Why Should Boat Charters Use Booking Software?

Are you running your own boat charter business? Between booking the tours, keeping up with the boat maintenance, monitoring weather conditions, and handling administrative work, you have a lot to manage to keep the business afloat.

Trying to handle all the various aspects of managing a boat charter company yourself can present serious challenges. You risk spreading yourself thin if you're doing it without help.

But what if you can’t hire more staff to operate the phones, schedule clients, follow up with payments, and more? 

Enter Roverd’s feature-rich booking software program.

Consider upgrading to an online booking software that can help you manage all of these tasks in one central, user-friendly system. Roverd’s boat charter booking software makes it easier to navigate the waters and keeps you at the helm of your business.

What Are the Benefits of an Online Booking System for Boat Charters?

24/7 Availability

As a business owner, you need time off and boundaries to separate yourself from your work. But your booking system doesn't. An online program is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

An online booking system doesn't require you to be on call. It can handle the reservations, whether a local customer signing up after-hours or an international client scheduling a get-away charter six months in advance.

Integrated Management

Keep all of the information on your trips organized in one place. There's no need for paper copies or excessive phone calls. You can find everything you need online, categorized by charter.

More Time to Focus on Core of Business

When you can rely on an online program to handle most of your booking activities, you'll have more time to spend on other aspects of your business, like maintaining your boats, finalizing payroll, and strategizing on how to scale. 

You won't be so tied up taking reservations and will feel more active and involved in the core of your business.

Providing a Self-Service Option

Data shows that 67% of customers today want self-service options. By offering online booking, you're giving your customers that opportunity. It makes them feel empowered and encourages them to sign up rather than waiting to call and finalize the booking.

Worldwide Access and Savings All-Around

When foreign travelers want to book a boat charter, international phone charges can get out of hand quickly. An online system built into your website grants worldwide access to your bookings.

Customers don't want to waste time and money trying to make the reservation, and if you offer them online booking, they won’t have to anymore. They can sign up whenever, wherever, and use the money saved to upgrade their charter package. It’s more money in your pocket. 

Increase Conversions with Seamless Transactions

A clunky online booking system or booking request form can hurt your conversions, either because it's too much work, takes too long, or is not intuitive. 

With booking software made especially for boat charters, you can offer your customers an easy and user-friendly system that encourages them to go ahead and book online at that moment.

Accept Automatic Cancellations

No-shows are no one's friend in the boat charter industry. Avoid these by making it easy to cancel a reservation within your online system. 

The earlier you know, the more time you'll have to replace that lost booking, and you won't deal with the frustration of a no-show at the docks on the day of the excursion. 

Train Staff Quickly

A comprehensive online booking system makes onboarding and training new staff a breeze. You'll no longer have to teach them how to use several programs  – they just need to learn one. 

Use Marketing Tools

Booking programs can provide integrated marketing tools like gift cards and promo codes. Take advantage of these to retain customers, reward their loyalty, and drum up new business. 

Marketing campaigns can center on specific events, like chartering a boat for a bachelor party fishing adventure or exploring coral reefs way off-shore. Pick a theme and invite customers to sign up and share with friends!

Reduce Liability

An essential part of safe boat charters is gathering signed liability waivers. But managing this waiver on top of the charter, customers, and everything else adds stress for you and your customers. 

Eliminate this worry by having customers sign liability waivers digitally before they arrive through your online booking software.

Best Booking Software for Boat Charters

Roverd offers the best features and benefits specific to boat charter companies when it comes to online reservation software. You can streamline your operations, give your customers what they want, and spend more time focusing on your business while your trusted program handles the rest.

Ready for smooth sailing operating your boat charter business? Contact Roverd today for a demo and consultation. 

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