Travefy vs TripIt: What Are the Main Differences?

If you’re looking for a booking management software for your business, you’re going to need a fast, user-oriented, and detailed service for your rental property business. We are here to outline the features of two of our favorite travel software and booking apps: Travey and Triplt.

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Here’s how the features of Travefy and TripIt stack up:


User-Friendly Booking Itinerary and Proposal Builder Tools
Travefy’s trip layout is a lot more computer and user-friendly than the TripIt counterpart. You can easily view your entire trip itinerary on the web, as well as create quotes for travel itineraries, custom photo galleries, and set up automatic flight updates.

Modern Design for Account Management and Bookings
Bookings and website management features can look different from software to software, but overall, Travefy has a very professional looking aesthetic that contributes to its handy account management options. Travefy offers form sharing for team itineraries, contacts, and any other documents that you need to share with your team.

Easy Client Delivery Features
Travefy includes the standard PDF export tool that you would expect with a booking software, but it also has additional PDF export options and mobile app (for both iOS and Android) for widespread accessibility.


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Travefy vs TripIt


Detailed and Organized Itineraries
TripIt organizes your road trip, travel, and flight plans into one itinerary that provides all important details into a single location. It will automatically throw all of your different confirmation numbers together for reference later on. Another helpful feature is the offline access to itineraries.

Details on the Go
When trip planning and booking travel reservations for clients, you need up to date information throughout every step of the process. TripIt is good for providing instant access to any trip details as well as pertinent reminder notifications.

Team Organization
TripIt offers a team calendar feature that will keep your entire team in sync and organized. This software also provides helpful onboarding tools so your team can get started efficiently with the help of its central travel dashboard.

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Both Travefy and TripIt offer free trials, but you will need to upgrade to the Pro versions to fully reap the benefits of each software.

Here’s what you can expect from their pricing plans:


Travefy Pro offers monthly and annual payment options, but both cost a pretty penny. This tool goes for $39 per month on a month-to-month payment plan, or $31 per month if paid annually.

On the plus side, the Pro version provides users with the ability to share an unlimited number of itineraries with an unlimited number of clients. This can open a lot of doors for some companies, while the high price point makes it a no-go for others.


TripIt offers a free basic version that will create a master itinerary, organize your travel plans, and be accessible across various devices. However, the free basic plan is lacking compared to TripIt Pro, which costs $49 per year.

The Pro versions give you significant upgrades, from the number of documents a user is able to upload to displaying additional extremely helpful information such as baggage claim and security wait time information.

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In the Travefy VS TripIt debate, Travefy defeats TripIt in the support department. While neither option offers flexible contact hours, the superior ease of use of Travefy’s website support page is what put the nail in TripIt’s support coffin.



This brand’s contact hours are limited to 9:00am CST – 5:00pm CST Mondays through Fridays, but the online site also offers:

  • Step-By-Step Getting Started Guide
  • Video Tutorials for Travel
  • Training Sessions
  • FAQ Section
  • Webinars
  • Sample Travel Planning Trips


Unfortunately, TripIt’s phone lines are also limited to normal business hours on Mondays through Fridays.

On the plus side, most TripIt users rarely find themselves needing to contact a customer support representative directly due to the extensive FAQ section online.

What’s the Alternative?

If Travefy or TripIt aren’t the perfect match for your business’s travel needs, there are plenty of alternatives out there worth checking out.

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