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Do you operate an appointment-based business, such as a beauty salon or a music lesson studio? Are you tired of having such an active role in the scheduling process? Have no fear! We have the ultimate scheduling solution for you!

The Roverd online booking system is perfect for businesses of all sizes. It improves the scheduling experience of business owners and clients alike. 

Incorporating Roverd into your daily business operations saves you time, so you can give your clients the attention they deserve.

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24/7 Client Access

Clients can request time slots online any time day or night, so they don’t have to worry about being available to call in during business hours.

Simple Calendar Scheduling

No more constantly juggling different appointments! Roverd’s online booking apparatus allows clients to schedule appointments for themselves whenever a free time slot is available, so you don’t have to worry about any scheduling conflicts!


Do you have or want resellers taking care of your appointments? With Manage all your resellers in one handy dashboard

Easy Appointment Rescheduling

Working in sudden schedule changes can be accomplished with our software in just a few seconds! Clients are automatically notified of any updates to their calendar.
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Efficient, Simple to Use, and Easy to Integrate

Let your online appointment scheduling software do the heavy lifting for you, so you have time to focus on what really makes your business thrive.
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Appointment Reminders

Have your software work 24 hours a day. Be available online and open to bookings. Accept online payment for your services from your website

Accept Online Payments

Save even more time in the transaction process by allowing not only booking but also payment to be handled online. It’s convenient for clients, and it’s a reliable way for your company to securely collect revenue.

Multiple Time Slots

For more complex scheduling situations and services requiring more than one session, clients can book appointments on multiple days or time slots.

Availability Preferences

Employees and service providers working for your business can set their preferred availability on Roverd’s calendar. This way, client appointments can only be scheduled during times when workers are available to handle them.

Send Quotations

Eliminate uncomfortable payment-related miscommunications by sending clients quotations for services in advance. This maintains transparency in your transactions. As an added protection for service providers, you can set a custom time limit for clients to submit their payments after the quote has been received.

Payment Reminders

Keep potential clients from abandoning their carts without booking a session! Roverd automatically sends clients notifications when they have unpaid items in their carts, so you won’t lose them at checkout.
Accept payments on your website
Give customers the ability to make an appointment booking on your website
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Use Roverd's payment solution by Stripe or connect your own payment processor

Make the Switch to the System That Works for You

Scheduling appointments can be a painless, automatic process that works the way you want it to. Let clients book their own time slots with our easy online software, so you don’t have to worry about constantly answering phone calls and juggling timetables for all of your many customers.

Not only does this free up time and effort for you and your employees to attend to your clients’ needs and focus on providing excellent service, but clients will also find the booking system to be quite convenient.

Cutting out the middleman when it comes to scheduling will make life easier for everyone involved, and the ease of access is sure to attract new clients and have the old ones coming back for more!

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Manage your business with confidence and ease by letting Roverd schedule appointments for you. 

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