Travefy Review & Alternatives

What Is Travefy And Is It Right For Your Business? 

Travefy is one of the top booking solutions in the industry. It is an impressive all in one online booking option for tour and event businesses. With features like expense tracking and itinerary management, companies can take their marketing and digital customer service to the next level. 

Clients love the professionalism that they can add to their quotes and proposals. While this service is not the only option or even the best option for everyone, it has a few great elements that help it improve sales and support growth for many businesses. 

Is Travefy for everyone? In this guide we’ll cover everything from who this platform is for to factors you should consider before investing in Travefy. 

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G2 rating 4.5/5
Capterra rating 4.5/5
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The Pros and Cons 

This service might have some of the features you need, but is it the right choice for you? We’ve outlined the benefits and detriments of this software so that you can find out for yourself if it fits your needs.

We always encourage tour companies to consider cons closely. For instance, you don’t want to commit to an annual membership to Travefy when platforms like Roverd can be used for free.



Modified for mobile use and includes apps for businesses and clients alike
The interface isn’t as intuitive and easy to use as others like Roverd, meaning onboarding takes longer and wastes more valuable time
100+ supplier integrations
Only provides a 10-day free trial
Customizable form creation
Only one currency may be used per business

Travefy as an Online Booking Software for Tour Companies and More 

This innovative software is designed specifically to be an all in one booking solution, just like Roverd. Both tools are tailored for use by businesses that primarily produce tours, activities, and events to streamline booking from top to bottom. If you want to streamline the booking process for your travel business, an entertainment company, or museum, online booking software can help you.

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Alternatives to Travefy  

While Travefy offers some promising features for tour companies, it is by no means the sole option out there. In many ways, some of the major competitors to it might be the better choice for your needs. This is particularly true if you work with multiple currencies as this software does not support multiple currency transactions or provide conversions. 

Anyone looking for an intuitive interface may also want to opt for any of the following choices:

Things to Consider When Choosing a Tour & Activity Booking System 

Every business is different and will have different priorities for their technology. A few important elements of any good tour booking system include: 

  • Integration 
  • Customer Support 
  • Reporting 
  • Customizability 

Reporting is particularly important as this feature will help you streamline your process over and over again. You’ll get access to key user behavior data so that you can use that information when crafting policies and setting navigational features. 

In the same vein, software that allows a lot of customization so that you can respond to these changes in consumer behavior is important. Roverd gives users the convenience of an all in one tool with the customizability of many pliable specialty tools. 

The Bottom Line 

Before you decide on Travefy, use this review to help you find out if an alternative software like Roverd might be a better fit for your needs. Doing your research will help you come to an informed decision. Think about the most important features for you and compare them with the capabilities that we have outlined here. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 


How much does Travefy cost? 

New users of the technology are entitled to a full 10-day free trial. They don’t have to put a card down for the trial. Other software like Roverd though, can be 100% free even past the first 10 days. Travefy has a few payment options, including a Monthly plan, which equates to $39/year billed monthly, and an Annual plan, which equates to $31/year billed annually. 


What do the reviews of Travefy say? 

Reviews that cover the booking software laud its integrations but negate its interface as potentially confusing or difficult to use. As with many great alternatives, mixed reviews differ depending on how well the software matched the reviewer's specific needs. 


What CRM integrations are available for Travefy? 

Travefy allows users to capture client information, manage client details, and track client notes and histories. All of these features are integrated into one easy tool. Travefy offers more than one hundred supplier integrations. is an easy to use, all-in-one online booking & scheduling tool for small-, medium and large-sized businesses. We offer our services all over the world. Companies connected to Roverd will enjoy digital growth. Assigned experts will be assigned to your account. Roverd is 100% safe and designed to make your booking-, & schedule management seamless.  web:  |  email: | Offices in: Ft Lauderdale, USA - Alkmaar, The Netherlands - Willemstad, Curaçao | All rights reserved © 2024