What does Roverd cost you?

If you are looking what the actual cost is for this powerful Online Booking tool you have arrived at the right spot. At Roverd we don't believe in subscription based billing. Our goal is to create winners out of each and every partner. We achieve this by sharing & implementing our profound knowledge of the internet gained in 20+ years of experience.

Schedule a demo and let us explain our pricing and how Roverd works. We are very unique in our set-up. Sign up today and we'll tell you some of our secrets!


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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?
Just click on one of the "Get started" buttons on the website. Fill in your info and how you would like to get contacted. We will set an appointment and give you a live demo.
How are the fees calculated?
Roverd does not have any subscription fees. Fees are calculated on every successful booking. You decide which fees you want to pay or charge your customers. Can Roverd be 100% free for you? YES it can!
Can I use Roverd om my existing website?
Yes, it's totally possible to use Roverd on whatever website type you have. Our very experienced team will get you up and going in a couple of hours.
Can Resellers see all my bookings
No this is not possible on default. Resellers can only see their own bookings
Is there a subscription fee?
No, absolutely not. There is no monthly or yearly subscription. Our fees are transparent.
Can I offer Group Bookings?
Yes you can! With our group price settings you can gather all info of the group and offer special rates at checkout.
I don't have a website what now?
Let's talk and see what we can do for you. We do not offer template websites like others. If you are eligible we will provide you a custom website, usually worth thousands of dollars.
What does it cost to refund a customer?
This depends on the payment method used by the customer. We don't charge anything for credit card refunds.
Is there a setup fee involved?
No there is no fee in setting up Roverd. If your company requirements are high it will take us a maximum of 5 days to set up everything. Our average setup time is 2 days.
Can I stop whenever I want?
Yes you can. You can pause or stop your account at anytime. Just unsubscribe, receive your last payments and you're off.

6 Reasons why you'll love us

Connect Resellers

Give Resellers access to your availability. Set custom commissions and payout type

Promotion Tools

Easily Offer Discount Codes, Giftcards, Special Group prices and more

Dedicated Support

We're located across the globe. We are available 24/7 via support. Say NO to chat bots!

Easy Refunds

Cancel your reservations and refund payments within a couple of clicks

Intelligent Scheduling

Set your times and let Roverd do your scheduling. Efficient, simple and fast

100% Safe

We do not store any sensitive data. Your payment data will not be stored on our servers
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