Checkfront Review & Alternatives

What Is Checkfront and Is It Right For Your Business?

If your company operates by bookings, you need an online booking system. This gives your customers an easy and convenient way to schedule. 

Seeing as there are lots of online booking systems available, it can be hard to know which is right for your business. One popular option is Checkfront.  

Checkfront lets customers schedule tours, classes, etc. The platform connects to your website and helps you manage your bookings. It also has other tools for marketing, completing seasonal tasks, etc. 

In this post, we take a closer look at Checkfront and let you know if it’s worth its popularity. Read on to learn if the software is right for your business. 

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Get App rating 4.5/5
Capterra rating 4.5/5
G2 rating 4.1/5
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The Pros and Cons of Checkfront

Here’s a quick look at this booking system’s pros and cons: 



It provides your customers with a great experience  - With this system, booking is easy. Customers can use the platform 24/7 to find a day and time that works for them.
It has a steep learning curve. Checkfront is easy for customers to use, but it might not be as simple for you. The platform isn’t very flexible and can take a lot of playing around with to figure out.
It has marketing opportunities - The booking system makes it easy to find new customers. It is compatible with multiple channels, allowing you to successfully market your tours.
It has limited access to customer support. One would hope that Checkfront has good customer support to make up for its confusing interface. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Customer support is not 24/7. And, if you want access to phone support instead of just email/chat, you will have to be on the higher pricing plans.
It gives you access to sales reports -  Because the platform lets you easily export sales reports, you’ll always know where your business stands
It uses a subscription-based payment system. Like many online booking systems, Checkfront uses a subscription-based payment system. You will have to pay a set price per month no matter how few bookings you get. Systems like Roverd are more cost-efficient in that you only pay for every successful booking.

Checkfront as an Online Booking Software for Tour Companies

Checkfront is a viable solution for many businesses. It has pricing plans for companies of all sizes and is used by those who offer: 

  • Tours
  • Activities 
  • Accommodations
  • Rentals
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Alternatives to Checkfront 

While many companies use Checkfront, it might not be the right software for your business. You might want something that is easier to use, has better customer support, uses a more cost-efficient pricing plan, etc. 


Some of the best alternatives to Checkfront include: 

Things to Consider When Choosing a Tour Booking System

When choosing a tour booking system, consider the following factors: 

  • How convenient and user-friendly it is for your customers
  • How easy it is to set up, manage your bookings, cancellations, & refunds, etc.
  • How helpful and reliable the customer support team is
  • What other features it has that will help you run your business (marketing tools, sales report creation, etc.) 

The Bottom Line

Checkfront is a reliable system. Considering that it offers a no-strings-attached 21-day free trial, it might be worth trying out. However, you must decide what you want most in an online booking system. 

If you want something that is easier to use, has a more cost-effective payment system, etc., consider alternatives to Checkfront before making the mistake of committing. Roverd might be the all-in-one booking system you need instead!


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about Checkfront: 


How Much Does Checkfront Cost?

The booking system uses subscription-based payments. You pay a monthly fee for access to the platform. If you pay annually, you save 15%. 

Here are the tiers and their monthly prices (if you pay annually):

  • SoHo ($42/mo)
  • Pro ($84/mo)
  • Plus ($169/mo)

The higher the tier you get, the more features you get access to (more staff accounts, higher booking limits, more integrations, better support, etc.).

If your needs go beyond the traditional plans, Checkfront has an Enterprise plan. The Enterprise plan has custom pricing and will offer services suited to your company’s unique needs. 


What Do the Reviews of Checkfront Say?

Overall, users say that Checkfront is a good platform. It helps them create a good customer experience and helps them manage their business. Common complaints include that the platform is too expensive, takes a while to learn how to use, and isn’t very flexible. Users also complain that the mobile app isn’t user-friendly.  


Does Checkfront offer a Zapier integration?

Yes, Checkfront offers a Zapier integration. This allows you to streamline the booking process and automate repetitive tasks. is an easy to use, all-in-one online booking & scheduling tool for small-, medium and large-sized businesses. We offer our services all over the world. Companies connected to Roverd will enjoy digital growth. Assigned experts will be assigned to your account. Roverd is 100% safe and designed to make your booking-, & schedule management seamless.  web:  |  email: | Offices in: Ft Lauderdale, USA - Alkmaar, The Netherlands - Willemstad, Curaçao | All rights reserved © 2024