Event & Ticketing Booking System

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Total control over your event reservations, payments & marketing

Offer participants the ability to book your event online. Roverd offers the best online reservation software for events. Need entry tickets? No problem! Participants receive their ticket in their email. Accept event tickets with QR codes or simply use the unique ticket id.

For event and entertainment companies that have multiple resellers, will be very happy with Roverd's reseller dashboard. Give your resellers the ability to look at your availability and accept event bookings on or offline. Let your event resellers do the work for you!
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Have customers book your event and get tickets 24 hours a day. Manage your event availability and receive online payment


Partner up with your resellers and give them the ability to sell your tickets. Set a commission and configure what they are allowed to sell or promote


Specific information from attendees is sometimes required. With Roverd you can ask your client anything during check out


When having the cancellation policies in place you can cancel and refund based on your pre-defined policies. Set the refund % in advance and off you go
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Let Roverd handle your Events

Offer your events online with live availability. Have your customers pay for entrance in advance or at the door. Get in touch with us for a demo. We are happy to show you around.
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Have 100% control over your online and offline ticket sales

Sell Tickets Online 24/7

Give participants the ability to reserve or buy event tickets whenever they want. Book tickets and receive your entrance pass in your email

QR Ticket Scanning

Why not stop using paper tickets and apply modern tech for event entrance solutions. Scan tickets with your phone and easily check in all attendees

Multi Day Events

For events that take ore than 1 day to complete, we have multi day event settings. Schedule customers on recurring or preferred dates

Advanced Event Scheduling

Do you offer multiple events with multiple timelines at multiple venues? Not a problem. It can all be done inside Roverd's setting dashboard

Custom Quotations

For events that need more planning and customization you can easily create and send a quotation. Block a date by reserving or blocking the event's availability

Get your Buyers Back

"Oops! Something went wrong during the check-out". Low funds, bad internet or multiple other reasons for this to happen on any website. Auto-remind customers of their abandoned booking

Start Accepting Payments Online

Give your participants choice
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Use Roverd's payment solution by Stripe or connect your own payment processor

Take charge, run your own Event Booking System

Don't be afraid to step into the digitized world. Grow along with your customers , that by now, are used to buy any kind of event ticket online. Start selling your event tickets at different outlets with your own reseller management system. Offer discounts, giftcards and merchandise before and during events.

Stop outsourcing, start taking charge of your own business. Roverd is super easy to use. We deliberately hide all the stuff that is not important for day to day use. Get a super clean and fast reservation system for your events, congresses, parties and concerts, while still being able to customize everything.
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