How Can I Improve the Conversion Rate of My Boat Charter Business?

There's a good reason why marketers and business owners want to increase their conversion rates. For you, increased conversions lead to more people renting your boats. 

Since the private boating industry is expected to grow tremendously over the next few years, now is the best time to learn how to increase your conversion rates.

That said, increasing web conversions is much easier said than done. 

But if you’re a company that offers boats, conversions are the lifeline of your business. Especially with more people buying online nowadays, getting a potential customer to click through and book a charter is pivotal.

Continue reading to learn actionable tips on improving your website's conversion rate and get more people setting off into the deep blue.

1) Expedite Your Rental Process  

Nothing's more exhausting than filling out endless forms to rent a boat. A lengthy sign-up process is one of the leading killers of conversion rates. 

Keep only the necessary information in the forms to reduce friction and increase conversion rates. 

The sign-up only requires a few fields, such as “name,” “email,” and “phone number.” Asking the right questions in your form also can lead to higher conversions. 

Some good questions to ask could be:

  • What’s the purpose of chartering a boat?
  • Have you ever chartered a boat before?
  • How long do you plan to be out on the water?

You could also add a specific area where customers can contact you if they have a unique booking request. For example, they want to rent a yacht for a wedding. Giving them the option to speak to a live agent would drastically improve your conversion rate. 

2) Cut the Fluff

If your website leads visitors in too many directions, they won't book a boat. 

Instead, have a clear path for your users to follow. Keep the information on your site concise and avoid unnecessary distractions like fancy text, abstract colors, and cool slide-in animations that typically do more harm than good. 

Talk mostly about what your customers care about - how nice and fun renting one of your boats is. You can describe the luxury of the cabins or the different sites to see around your port. 

There's a proven formula for service pages, and it goes as follows:

  • Headings and Subheadings (types of boats, reasons to charter, etc.)
  • Features/Benefits of the Service (high-quality interior, large decks for parties, all-in-one boating experience)
  • Customer Reviews (what customers say about chartering a boat from your business)
  • Clear Visuals of Product/Service (high-resolution images of your vessels)
  • Concise Text About Product/Service (a summary about the story of your boats and how to book one)
  • Call To Action (sign up, book a boat, etc.)

3) Spice Up Your CTAs

Spending a little bit of time to make your CTA's catchier and cleverer will boost your web conversions. You could stick with the standard “Book a Call” or “Sign Up Today,” but people will not respond with much enthusiasm. 

Many marketers are using words that help showcase their offers positively. For example, you could say something along the lines of “Yes, I want to rent a boat” or “See what vessels are available.” 

Specific CTAs let your service stand out and clarify what customers are signing on for when they click the CTA button.

4) Use Heatmaps

Although heatmaps are more of a measuring tool, you can use the data to make smarter decisions about optimizing your website or landing pages. Heatmaps can help you visualize how people respond to your website.

If people are mostly clicking on images of your vessels, then maybe you enhance the photo and include a kind of CTA. 

Above, we mention CTA buttons. Heatmaps and other analytic tools can be an excellent way to measure which CTAs are working and which ones aren’t. If people are clicking on your CTA buttons to rent a boat, you’re doing something right! 

5) Add Live Chat

Live chat is an excellent interactive tool because it allows people to communicate with your business about your boats without being on the phone or waiting for an email reply. The faster prospective customers can get the answers they want, the quicker they will sign up to book a boat. 

Chat is virtually instant, so they can get the answers they need in no time, even if they are booking a yacht in the Florida Keys from their home in London. Moreover, people still prefer interacting with a human before making a purchase. Customers might want to call and ask specific questions about your vessels or what sights are nearby.

However, you can set up chatbots to automatically respond to common questions like “how much does it cost to charter a boat” or “what kind of boats do you have?”. 

6) Use Expert Booking Software

The booking process is arguably the most critical part of your sales funnel. It's when your visitors agree to charter a boat from your business. As a result, the booking process must be streamlined and quick. 

One of the best ways to make your bookings more efficient is to use expert charter booking software like Roverd. You receive all the tools you need to get people to charter your boats, including information about available slots, types of charters, the payment process, waiver integration, and more. 


Putting in the effort to increase your conversion rates will be worthwhile. It might take some time before you notice any traction but try to be patient and consistent with your strategies. 

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