Umapped vs. Travefy: What Are the Main Differences

Travel agencies and other businesses in the industry have long struggled to find solid partnerships with booking platforms. There are so many online booking programs available that it can be challenging to narrow it down to which one may be most suitable for growing your company. 

While many of these programs work in similar ways, there are some key points to address before making your partnership decisions. Today, we will be discussing Umapped vs. Travefy as well as some of your alternative options moving forward.

So, let’s get started!

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Umapped vs Travefy


Typically, these programs help organize your efforts by keeping everything centralized and in the same spot. But each program does bring some unique features to the table that differentiates one from the other.


Umapped markets that flexibility is one of its most promising features. If you choose to work with the program, you will have access to numerous features, including:

  • On-site marketing and promotional aid
  • Easy access to communicate with customers throughout the booking process
  • Work with other businesses in the field to network and grow together

All of these features are geared toward that promise of flexibility while maintaining control of the operation.



Travefy, on the other hand, homes in on its time-saving technology. The features offered on this program include:


  • Customizable and up-to-date itinerary organization
  • Direct access to filtered results for planning and booking
  • Aesthetically pleasing design for both the client and the customer


All of these features help to make Travefy one of the leading options in booking software. 

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Pricing for any business expense is one of the more important factors when making a financial decision. Some booking software charge transaction fees and other hidden costs, so you want to be sure you get a fair deal and transparent terms upfront.

Below, we have supplied you with a general breakdown of what the programs will cost you.



Travel professionals can look to spend about $30 every month to maintain this subscription. Umapped also offers a small discount if you choose to pay upfront for the annual subscription, which would cost $27 a month, or $324 for the entire year.



Travefy offers a tiered program so that clients can make the decision based on their own needs. For a month-to-month subscription, you can expect to pay $39, which will get billed automatically. 

There is also the option of purchasing a yearly subscription. This scheme would cost approximately $372 and would get billed once a year.

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As with any partnership, you must be aware of the support system you will have once the application goes live. 


Umapped offers constant access and engagement with both customers and support systems to ensure that the program is running smoothly.


Travefy offers a database type support system for you to access any time you may need. You can browse through different training programs and webinars to get answers to some of the more commonly asked questions. You can also contact someone personally during business hours throughout the week.

What’s the Alternative?

While both of these options may seem adequate, they are not the only programs out there. Roverd is another online trip program that may have even more to offer to you than either of the programs mentioned above. 

Here at Roverd, we specialize in making the entire booking process run smoothly for both the customer and the client. Our application offers tools that keep all bookings and itineraries organized and up to date. That way, both you and your customer know what is happening.

This program differs from the other two in that it offers support around the clock. You can access the support team directly through our website. With our team, you can streamline the booking process and stop any problems before they arise.

Marketing and promotional tools are also available to keep your logo and company name out in the open for any potential customers to see.

So are you ready to streamline your entire booking process? Call our team experts now or go online to try out the free demo and see if Roverd is for you! is an easy to use, all-in-one online booking & scheduling tool for small-, medium and large-sized businesses. We offer our services all over the world. Companies connected to Roverd will enjoy digital growth. Assigned experts will be assigned to your account. Roverd is 100% safe and designed to make your booking-, & schedule management seamless.  web:  |  email: | Offices in: Ft Lauderdale, USA - Alkmaar, The Netherlands - Willemstad, Curaçao | All rights reserved © 2024