Planyo vs Checkfront: What Are The Main Differences?

When looking for an efficient online booking system, you’ll find many choices. They’ll all claim to be the best for booking travel reservations, scheduling appointments, selling event tickets, etc. But how do you know which option is right for your company?

You can funnel through every online software reviews and decide for yourself, but this takes time away from managing your busy business.

We’re making the process of finding the best booking software easier for you. Here, we’re breaking down the features, support, and pricing differences between two popular options in this industry: Checkfront and Planyo.

Many people debate Checkfront vs Planyo because they are fierce competitors in this niche. Both options have solidified a reputation among rental companies, in particular. However, each software has unique differences.

In this review, we’ll compare Checkfront vs Planyo and even share an alternative you might not have considered.

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Checkfront vs Planyo




Planyo’s diverse platform adapts to your business so that you can offer services such as:
  • Appointments
  • Caravan rentals
  • Hotel rentals
  • Conference rooms
  • Coworking spaces
  • Event Tickets

Its integrated channel management allows you to administer vacation property rentals, B&B rentals, and even tours and activities with QR and remote access. It’s easy to adjust your prices with software that’s designed to make rate management a breeze. You also have access to promotions management.

You can even integrate meeting hall reservation software with Planyo. The best part? Planyo lets customers schedule a shuttle to and from the event with the click of a button. With this inclusive event system, you can even offer taxi or limo pickup.


Checkfront’s platform caters more to vacation properties and excursions. Your customers can schedule:

  • Tour operators
  • Activities bookings
  • Rentals
  • Accommodations

With Checkfront, rental companies can integrate real-time property and excursion availability in one spot. This makes it easier for guests to learn everything they need to know about your business without needing a representative.

One of the best features is that the software allows 24/7 access to reservations in different time zones. It also offers a tour operator guide app from where you can manage inventory, take payment, and track sales.

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Planyo features monthly subscriptions and a commission-based approach. Here’s more on the two options:

  • Planyo Pro. This monthly subscription starts at just $25.96 a month. Planyo also offers a 10% discount for upfront payments for 12 months.
  • Planyo PRO-COMM. There is no monthly fee for this plan, just commission paid to Planyo per reservation. You can run an estimate of the dollar amount per reservation on the website, and it gives you an estimated monthly price.


Checkfront offers monthly services and recently introduced a “Per Booking” payment plan. Here’s more information on both:

    • The monthly services range from $42 to $169, depending on staff accounts and online bookings per year. You can also customize your plan according to your company’s needs with an Enterprise monthly subscription (for which you can request a demo).
    • The “Per Booking” payment plan is a flex plan with no monthly subscription. It offers:
      • Unlimited bookings: Take as many bookings as you’d like with no restrictions.
      • Unlimited features: This includes digital waivers and automated email notifications, as well as settings to adjust rate management easily.

    No monthly fees: No upfront costs. Just a small online booking fee per guest.

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Customer Support



One of the best ways to differentiate Checkfront vs Planyo is through the customer support features. Whether you take the monthly price or the per online reservation pricing, you get:

  • Free tech customer support included
  • Planyo’s phone number listed online right on the website
  • An FAQ section with details on solving booking issues and promotions management
  • Demos and tutorials under the “Help” section of the site


All of the online booking system features include customer support through email and chat via its Support Center. Other differentiators of Checkfront vs Planyo are:

  • The “Plus” and “Enterprise” subscriptions include phone customer support
  • Checkfront offers professional services for tailored integration from one of its team members.
  • Access to the Community Forum where users can ask each other questions and share valuable information about the software.

What's The Alternative?

If you’re debating Checkfront vs Planyo for your online reservation system, know that you have other options for activities booking, scheduling reservations, etc. Roverd is compatible with a range of business niches. Its booking management system is cloud-based, which means you can accept customers anytime, from anywhere.

Guests of rental companies have full control of making all their arrangements; they can cancel and receive refunds within the system just as easily as they can book a tour operator.

Enjoy 24/7 live support for online activities bookings rather than relying on FAQs and community forums. Additionally, customer support representatives can speak several languages and assist with troubleshooting, promotions management, and more.

Roverd also doesn’t come with subscription-based pricing. You’re billed on a per-use basis, so you have control of how much it costs.

Know that your options for booking and promotion management systems aren’t limited to Checkfront vs Planyo. Get in touch with the Roverd team today! is an easy to use, all-in-one online booking & scheduling tool for small-, medium and large-sized businesses. We offer our services all over the world. Companies connected to Roverd will enjoy digital growth. Assigned experts will be assigned to your account. Roverd is 100% safe and designed to make your booking-, & schedule management seamless.  web:  |  email: | Offices in: Ft Lauderdale, USA - Alkmaar, The Netherlands - Willemstad, Curaçao | All rights reserved © 2024