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How Roverd's Winery Tours Reservation Software Can Help You

When it comes to your online winery tour booking site, you want it to be as clean and professional as possible. You want customers to be able to reserve slots 24/7, while you collect all the necessary information you need from them.
With Roverd's online booking management system and customizable booking software, you can automate all the smaller parts of your business, so your tour guests get your undivided attention.

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Age Checks & Waivers

It is crucial that before your tour-goers arrive, you know who's coming and who's allowed to be there. Using Roverd's software, you can integrate waivers and age checks into the booking process. That way, you can ensure the safety of your customers as they enjoy their tour and confirm before they arrive that they are of the correct age to participate in wine tasting.

QR Ticketing & Check-Ins

Make the check-in process for your event or business as easy as possible. Allow individuals and groups to check in with one QR code. This way your customers enjoy breezy entry and don't have to worry about losing physical tickets.

Online Booking & Online Payment

Roverd allows your customers to do everything they need on your website, from reserving their tour slot to paying for it. Our software accepts different payment methods and currencies, opening up your wine business to a huge variety of customers.

Calendars & Scheduling

Keep track of everything, from events, tours, and wine tasting bookings, to staff schedules, all in one place. Never be caught short-staffed or double-booked.
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Streamline Your Winery Tours Reservation
Try software that makes booking a breeze
Roverd's automated business software takes bookings out of your team's hands, so they can get back to providing brilliant wine tasting and tours to your guests. No need for manual booking over the phone or email — people can book and pay for their slot directly on your website, any time of day, with Roverd. Sign up for a demo now!
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Our Winery Tours Reservation Features

Private Group Bookings For Special Events

Got clients who want to exclusively hire your venue for an event? No problem. You can offer your customers the chance to create a private group wine tasting reservation easily with customizable bookings on your Roverd dashboard.

Offer Promotions & Discount Codes

Everyone loves a good deal. Create custom discounts and promotions for your customers to use when reserving their winery tour spots. From discounts for group bookings to a free bottle of wine with certain tastings, offer whatever you please!

Analytics — Keep Track of Your Data

See everything going on within your business at a glance on your Roverd dashboard. Booking rates, profits, outgoing payments, wine sales, and even customer feedback can be tracked using our software. The technical bits are hidden behind an easy-to-use, easy-to-track system that saves all of your important business analytics in one place.

Offer Pick-Ups & Transfers

Ensure the safety of your customers by taking bookings for a pick-up or transfer service after wine tasting, offered with reservations. Whether you use your business's own cars or a local taxi service, give clients the option to get home safely.

Sell Merchandise with Add-Ons

Sell your own merchandise, wine, and souvenirs, alongside wine tasting slots, all on your website using one cart. Roverd's software makes it simple to conveniently pay in one order rather than split between multiple purchases.

Upsell Your Other Tours with Roverd's Recommended Tours/Trips Section

If your business offers other activities alongside wine tasting and winery tours, upsell it during the booking process. When clients are completing their order, Roverd's Recommended Tours will show them more trips they may be interested in to secure you more custom.
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Roverd's software makes wine tour reservations, staff scheduling, analytics, and much more easy to track and organize.

We're so convinced you'll love our simple and convenient booking system that we're offering FREE demos so you can get a taste of everything we can offer for your business.

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