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How Roverd's Whitewater Rafting Trips Reservation Software Can Help You

Managing online bookings for your river rafting trips has never been easier with Roverd's seamless software. Not only can you make new reservations, but you can also check your staff's availability, send reminders, and process payments all in one easy-to-use platform. What's more, you can create and market promotions and discount codes to attract more people to your whitewater adventures.
No longer will you have to deal with manual bookings, managing cancellations, or worry if you're short on staff.

Roverd's software helps you control key aspects of your business all in one user-friendly dashboard.
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24/7 Online Availability

One of the best parts about using our software is you can accept reservations 24/7. People can make a booking even when you're out on the water with your customers. When the customer makes a booking, all of their details and trip information will be available on the dashboard. You can easily edit your availability to prevent double booking.

Free Waiver Integration

Is traditional waiver tracking giving you and your team a headache? If so, Roverd's smart waiver integration feature is exactly what your business needs. You can set up waivers directly in the online scheduling process and send them directly to your customers to read and sign before their trip.

QR Check-In

No longer do you need to deal with pesky paper tickets. With the Roverd QR Check-In feature, customers can show up and scan their tickets directly on their smartphone to prevent queues and bottlenecks at the door.

Private Scheduling

Does your business offer private lessons or special events? If so, you can offer your customers a private scheduling option right on the Roverd platform. You can also manage and adjust your pricing as you wish to suit a wide range of clients.
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Streamline Your Whitewater Rafting Trips Reservation
Try software that makes booking a breeze
Running a river rafting trip business certainly isn't easy — keeping track of boats, staff and customers is no easy feat. Roverd presents an easy way to manage your scheduling, so you can focus more on doing what you love.
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Our Whitewater Rafting Trips Reservation Features

Group Pricing

If you have special prices for groups, you can add them directly to the booking platform. You can set and adjust special rates for small or large groups and customers can book an event right on your website — no calls or emails necessary.

Expand Your Business With Resellers

You can partner up with other companies to re-sell your services. With Roverd, you can set up a commission structure to encourage local businesses to promote your river rafting trips around town. You can also adjust reseller terms as you wish right on the platform.

Staff Scheduling

When your business has a lot of staff, it can be challenging to get everyone's schedule correct. Roverd allows you to manage staff schedules all in one place, so you never have to worry about being under-prepared.

Cancellation Policy Integration

Customers can view your cancellation policy while making their booking. Having a clear cancellation policy will help you get more serious customers and minimize cancellations and no-shows

Easy Cancel & Refunds

While cancellations and no-shows can be frustrating, they happen occasionally. With Roverd, customers can easily cancel their booking and receive a refund if the cancellation is compliant with your company policy.

Automated Cancellation for Poor Weather

If the weather isn't suitable for whitewater rafting, you can automatically cancel all of your bookings for the day. What's more, you can easily reschedule your customers to enjoy a river rafting trip once the weather clears up.
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