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How Roverd's Water Sports Booking Software Can Help You

The challenges and triumphs of water sports should be the core of your business—not the booking, scheduling, and management tasks that often take up so much time. Simplify your systems with one all-inclusive and user-friendly booking software from Roverd.
Our water sports booking software makes it easier to manage tasks out of the water so that you can enjoy your time in it. Accept bookings around the clock, schedule your staff, integrate waivers and a cancellation policy into the booking process—do all this and more. Roverd helps you cover your bases, all through one simple software.
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Automated Booking

You don't have to work 24/7 to accept bookings around the clock. Let Roverd's booking system do the work for you, taking bookings at any time through our reservation platform. No matter the hour or the time zone, ensure your water sports are always available to book.

You also can let your customers customize their water sports experience by setting specific parameters, like special pricing, time limits, and availability. They can schedule based on what works best for them and you.

Manage Staff

Schedule your best teachers and sports guides for every booking with our integrated system. It allows you to track staff levels, tour options, open spots, and more.

Integrated Waivers

Water sports can get rough in choppy waters, so prepare for everything by having your customers sign branded waivers during the sign-up process. You'll have paper-free documentation and everything organized before anyone shows up.

QR Check-In

Do the environment a favor and opt for a digital, touch-free QR check-in option for your water sports activities. Customers can keep all of their booking information in one safe digital space, and you don’t have to worry about essential documents getting soaked.
Streamline your water sports booking software
Try software that makes booking a breeze
Turn your booking checklist into an automated and hands-off process when you get set up with Roverd and let us handle the details. Streamline your back end and make the front-end process enjoyable for customers for a better experience on and off the water. Contact our booking experts to schedule a demo today.
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Our Water Sports Booking Software Features

Build a Custom Website

Do you have an attractive and custom website showcasing the best of what you have to offer? If not, Roverd can help! We can work closely with you to build a bespoke site that provides the tools and features your water sports business needs to run smoothly and effectively.

Embody Your Brand

As a business owner, you want your brand experience to feel cohesive to customers. When you use Roverd, you can keep the logos and colors that make your brand unique. Whitelabel your booking process, so it feels integrated into the rest of your company and keeps your brand strong.

Integrate Rescheduling and Cancellations

When weather conditions are less than ideal, avoid major problems with integrated rescheduling and cancellation options. Make your policies clear from the get-go and make it easy to adjust a reservation according to these policies. That way, you keep your customers happy even if things don't go as planned.

Offer Attractive Group Pricing

Water sports can be more fun in a group—incentivize your customers with attractive group pricing to book larger groups and bring in more profit. Accept a wide variety of payments at special prices for those who want to go in with friends.

Manage Staff and Equipment

Make sure every tour and activity have the right person working it and avoid the concern of ever being short-staffed. Roverd's booking system can keep track of schedules, inventory level, and bookings so you can match things up with ease.

Work With Resellers

Help your business go further by giving your trusted resellers access to your availability and booking. Plus, set commission rates and handle payout types in the same system to keep everything all in one place.
Accept Payment for Water Sports Bookings
Allow your customers the freedom to choose.
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Spend more of your time with customers out on the water and less time getting bogged down by office work. Simplify your reservation system, schedule staff members with ease, minimize your risk and loss with waivers and cancellation policy integration, and so much more. Contact our team to schedule a free demo today!

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