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How Roverd's Submarine Tours Booking System Can Help You

Under the water, in the safety of a submarine, there's a lot to explore. Make it easy for your clients to book a submarine tour online with the help of Roverd's online booking system.

With one user-friendly system, you can streamline all your booking operations, view important information like reservations, available tour guides, cancellations, and detailed analytics to make your work, work for you.

But Roverd submarine tour online booking system goes further than that, offering a full suite of marketing tools like discount codes and customer notifications to keep your customers engaged and coming back.

Say goodbye to the challenges of bookings past, such as overbooking tours, managing a manual reservation schedule, or avoidable technical difficulties. Develop smooth systems and processes all managed online with a straightforward program.

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All-Hours Booking

Don't limit your bookings by the hours you work; make your booking system work for you! Our automated booking tool can allow your customers to reserve tours from the spots you've made available online whenever is most convenient for them, without the need for your intervention.

Marketing Secret Weapons

Engage your audience with marketing tools that serve as secret business weapons, offering discount codes, gift cards, and more, all within your seamless checkout experience.

Take Payments Online

Make your payments more secure and convenient for your patrons by letting them choose the best payment method from options like PayPal, MasterCard or Visa, Stripe, IDEAL, and even multiple currencies.

Waivers: Signed, Sealed, Delivered

Keep your customers safe and cover your bases with Roverd's integrated waiver capability. Get your waivers sent, signed, and turned back in all before tour day, so you're one step ahead.
Streamline Your Submarine Tours Booking System
Try software that makes booking a breeze
Elevate your online tour reservation process, making it more enjoyable and convenient for your patrons, so they keep coming back for more. Roverd makes automated reservations a breeze, and with no added intervention from you, you can focus on the core of your business. Get in touch to learn more and see a demo today.
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Our Submarine Tours Booking System Feature

Customize Your Booking Fields

Get the information you need from customers before you meet them. Customize the fields in your booking process and ask what's the most important, so you can get to know them better before they arrive. Learn things like any underwater sights they'd like to see and more.

Stay Branded

Keep it cohesive with a custom-branded booking widget featuring your logo and company colors. Customers won't be able to tell your reservation system from your website.

Solicit Reviews

Help happy customers review your submarine tours with friendly automated reminders; no need to pester when the tour is over.

Abandoned Cart Reminders

Have a customer almost book, but walk away? Help bring them back with automated notifications for customers who abandon their online tour reservation, so they can come back and finish the checkout process, putting more revenue in your business.

Customizable Pricing

Make your pricing what you need it to be with customizable options based on the number of bookings and party size

Automate Notifications for Your Benefit

Keep customers in the loop leading up to their submarine tour with automated notifications alerting them of an upcoming tour to minimize no-shows and cancellations and support your bottom line.
Accept Payment for Submarine Tour Bookings
Allow your customers the freedom to choose.
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Roverd takes what can be a detailed, complex process and simplifies it into a mostly-automated system that works night and day, so you don't have to. Take customized reservations, notify customers of upcoming tours, get waivers signed in advance, and have countless other invaluable features, thanks to Roverd.

Not convinced to make the switch? Get in touch with our team to learn more through a live demo at your convenience and discover all that Roverd has to offer for you and your submarine tour company today.



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