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How Roverd's Snowtubing Booking System Can Help You

Make booking as fast as snowtubing down a steep hill with Roverd's help! Manage your reservations, check schedules, and follow revenue and sales all in one place.

Roverd makes booking simple for both digital natives and the internet averse. You and your customers can smoothly navigate the platform and make and confirm their place in line in record time.

Never lose a tube again with online tracking for every single customer’s reservation!
A clean and organized dashboard houses all aspects of your business, so you’ll never search through stacks of paperwork again. Focus on the fun and get off your computer and out of the office with Roverd.

Reach out today and get a free demo with a Roverd expert to streamline your snowtubing small business!
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24 Online Availability

Your guests can book during your off-hours, and you can check and adjust the backlog at your convenience. Forget answering the phone because Roverd has it covered. Just think of how many customers you lose without 24/7 online availability. Set up automated confirmation emails, so you don't even have to be near a computer.


Manage liability waivers in one easy place. You can integrate the waiver into the booking system and store them safely in your system. When you need to find a specific waiver, you can easily search in your company's database.

QR Check-In

Send your guests personalized QR codes to check in on their phones. Speed up lines and get people on the slopes faster than ever! Plus, you'll save money and resources by not printing paper passes.

Private Scheduling

For one-on-one lessons or private tubing sessions, Roverd has you covered. Just add the option on the site, and clients can make their personal tubing dreams come true.
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Streamline your Snowtubing Booking System
Try software that makes booking a breeze
Roverd was built to handle even the busiest snowtubing days. The software’s features are made to make booking simple even when handling full capacity. The easier you make your system, the longer the lines you’ll have the moment you open!

Stay busy but never get overwhelmed with Roverd’s straightforward online system for snowtubing. Forget confusing interfaces and make tubing your priority!
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Our Snowtubing Booking Features

Group Pricing

No more calculating group prices on your own. Roverd can handle any size parties. Easily schedule parties and events through integrated features. Customers will see one total price at checkout and only pay once.


Use Roverd to connect to resellers and drive business back to you!

Staff Accounts

Keep your schedule on hand and easily accessible. Look at your employees' weekly or monthly schedules and assign positions as far in advance as you want. ON top of this your staff can see their own schedule in advance and request time off with plenty of notice.

Equipment Management

Know who has checked out which tube at all times. Since every customer has a personal reservation, you will always know who is responsible for what equipment.

Cancellation Policy Integration

During Winter, the weather can change on a dime, so having an integrated cancellation system will keep you at ease during the first signs of rain. Roverd can update faster than the weather changes, so you are always ahead and ready to cancel or reopen.

Easy Cancel & Free Refunding

Customers can easily cancel on their end, and you can charge them or refund them with just a few easy clicks! Roverd will adapt to whatever policy you already have in place.
Accept Payment for Snowtubing Bookings
Allow your customers the freedom to choose
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Are you ready to take your snowtubing business to the next level? Roverd is here to make booking automatic and easy. Tubing is carefree and easy. Why shouldn't your organization system be the same way?

With no subscription fees and a free demo, you have nothing to lose by checking out our cloud-based system! Get started now and put away that old ledger in exchange for Roverd!

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