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How Roverd's Snorkeling Booking Software Can Help You

You didn't get into the business of underwater adventure because you love spreadsheets, answering phone calls, and spending hours staring at a computer screen.

Booking, scheduling, and other behind-the-scenes management tasks can be a total drag. If you run a snorkeling business, you want to focus your time and attention on having a great time out on the water and taking others along for the ride.
Get back to your passion and leave the mundane day-to-day operations to Roverd. We strive to provide the best experience possible for you and your customers with comprehensive and easy-to-use booking software and website management services. With us, your business can shine, and you can do what you love.

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24/7 Online Access

With Roverd, you can clock out for the day and still keep your customers happy. Our 24/7 online booking access does the hard work for you, so you can focus on providing top-of-the-line snorkeling adventures

QR Check-In

Get with the times through contactless check-ins! Roverd offers a convenient and straightforward QR technology solution, allowing your customers to check in for their appointments seamlessly without slowing you down.
Plus, our software even connects to your online POS system, so you'll have all of the info you need at your fingertips.


Even with your top-notch safety precautions, accidents can still happen. In your industry, waivers are a necessary component of doing business.

Our software automatically sends out digital waivers to all customers during booking to protect your business. That way, you'll have everything you need before the scheduled appointment.

Advanced Scheduling

No matter your scheduling needs, Roverd has you covered. Customize an online booking system that sets unique pricing structures, duration, activity gaps, and whatever your business needs to run smoothly. Plus, it can all integrate right into your existing website.

Streamline your Snorkeling Booking Software
Try software that makes online booking a breeze
You've done all the hard work of building a successful snorkeling business. Don't let lousy booking and website management slow you down. Roverd has a team of software experts waiting to help launch your business forward with top-of-the-line booking solutions. Why are you still waiting? Sign up for a free demo today!
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Our Snorkeling Booking Software Features

Group Pricing

Everyone loves a discount. If you offer group pricing with variable rates, we've got you covered. Plus, our point of sale system accepts all the major credit cards for ultimate customer convenience.


Working with resellers can be a nightmare. With so many hurdles to jump through, you can waste time and lose money in the process. Roverd can give resellers access to your availability, set customized payout types, and share unique commission rates.

Staff Scheduling

Customer bookings are only half the battle. You also have a staff to manage! Our software makes team scheduling a breeze, with features that ensure you aren't overscheduling or double booking any of your workers.

Website Development

Whether you don't have a website yet or your old one needs a facelift, we've got you covered. We'll work closely with you to build a site that fits your specific style and needs.

Easy Rescheduling

Life happens, and sometimes plans change. But with our painless rescheduling feature, you'll hinder cancellations and retain more business.

Cancellation Policy Integration

Upfront communication can save a lot of frustration down the line. That's why we integrate your company's cancellation policy into our booking platform. Plus, if a session is canceled or unconfirmed, we'll make sure you know right away so you can fill the open slot.
Accept Payment for Snorkeling bookings
Allow your customers the freedom to choose.
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You've got oceans to explore. Don't waste any time on booking and website management. Roverd is here to free up your time and energy to focus on what you love while we take care of the rest. 

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