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How Roverd's Ski Lessons Booking System Can Help You

Easily manage all the booking for your slopes with Roverd. On just one dashboard you can see how many reservations you have, how many instructors are available, and your school's total costs and revenue.

You won’t need to stress about booking large ski school sessions when everything you need is in one place. With online booking, your customers will have no problems scheduling their day out!

If you’ve been organizing your system in a spreadsheet or even with pen and paper and are still taking payment over the phone — this method is right for you!
Roverd’s software will handle everything simply and online.

Even the busiest ski schools are no trouble for Roverd’s state-of-the-art software, make planning a breeze and relax next time the weather calls for fresh powder!

Reach out today and talk to an expert about how Roverd can streamline your ski school business.
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24/7 Online Availability

…Even when you're out skiing with your customers. Let customers book day or night at your school without ever hopping on a phone call or answering emails. Get more customers faster with constant availability and simple online payment.


Quickly get all liability waivers signed before even showing up to the first day of ski school. Roverd keeps track of all your waivers, so you won't need to dig through piles of paperwork next time you need to find one.

Private Class Scheduling

Customers can pair up for a one-on-one lesson with a ski instructor by just checking their open slots online.

Multi-Day Activity Scheduling

Get your customers the whole skiing experience by booking a day solid with just a single payment. Organize slaloms in the morning with one ski instructor and jumps with another ski instructor after lunch all in the same place.
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Streamline Your Ski Lessons Booking
Try Software That Makes Booking a Breeze
Roverd's online booking for ski schools is easy to integrate into any business. So no matter how much or how little online presence you already have, Roverd will seamlessly come on board. With easier access for students, you’ll increase your bottom line and be busy all season.

Don’t wait, get a better booking system this year before the first flurries fall!
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Our Ski Lessons Booking Features

Group Pricing

Let your customers decide on their group size and ski instructor then see all payment options in one place.

Connect Resellers

Connect with resellers to maintain a wider customer base and get every potential lead back on your website.

Staff Scheduling

Organize each ski instructor's schedule online and send automatic emails to keep everyone up to date. Easily get shifts covered and see the whole week or month of classes in one place

Cancellation Policy Integration

Ski schools are always weather-dependent and can close at any moment. Whatever your cancellation policy is, refunds or rescheduling, Roverd can handle it in just a few clicks.

Easy Cancel & Refunds

Once you have a customer's credit card on file, you can automatically charge them for a no-show. Send email updates without the hassle of calling individuals who cancel last minute. The same goes for those who qualify for refunds, you can easily reimburse clients with Roverd.

Easy Resource Management

Be in control of your finances, human resources, and general lesson management in one place. Roverd's user-friendly dashboard conveniently puts all aspects of running a small ski school business in one place.
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Roverd is here to make this winter your best one yet! All our features combine to create the best booking system any ski school could ask for.

Use our software to spend less time booking lessons and more time teaching on the slopes! Request a demo now and get access to all our amazing features.

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