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How Roverd’s Shark Diving Booking System Can Help You

Use Roverd’s streamlined booking system and see your reservations skyrocket! Keep diving for the deep water and watch your customer numbers increase.

Enjoy one easy-to-read dashboard that shows everything you need to know with a single click. Real-time reservation slots sit side by side with current booking levels and staff availability.

Forget cumbersome printouts to analyze your data. Enjoy all the benefits of slick online booking, and your customers will love it too – less hassle and no dropouts.

Curious to find out more? Reach out to one of Roverd’s expert team, and we’ll show you how it all works with a simple demonstration.

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Booking Availability 24/7 Online

Cut down on constant email traffic and phone calls as your customers discover the simple-to-use Roverd reservation system. Remember that dread when you see the inbox? Well, that’s a thing of the past.

Secure online payments

Roverd’s booking software will automatically take your customers through to secure payment online. Roverd offers multiple credit and debit card options plus PayPal. For international bookings, different currency options make payment a breeze!

Marketing Features

Personalize Roverd’s system with your promotions, discounts, and e-gift cards. Our integrated website marketing features mean you can see results in real-time, making tracking campaigns effortless.

Managing Waivers and Disclaimers

Cut out unnecessary delays and tedious documentation when your customers show up to dive. Do everything online at the point of booking. It keeps your customers safe and your paperwork in order.
Streamline your Shark Diving Booking system
Try software that makes booking a breeze
Give your customers control. Let them experience a comprehensive booking system that finds the best diving slot for them. Save hours of staff time by ditching manual reservations, all time you can put into other business areas.
Focus on what you do best and let Roverd take care of the bookings.

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Our Shark Diving Booking System Features

Seamless Integrated Reviews

Roverd appreciates the importance of authentic customer reviews. Our system automatically sends out a review request to each participant after their diving trip. Find out where you can improve your business and capture those all-important five-star reviews – the best marketing you can get.

Automatic Notifications

Roverd’s system sends an automatic reminder to each customer just before their scheduled trip, so you don’t have to. Minimize no-shows, keep custom by rearranging those whose plans have changed, and fill up cancellation slots. It’s easy and all completely automated.

Simple Cancellations & Refunds

Process cancellations and refunds online without any requirement to speak to a staff member. Add cancellation charges or reimburse customers with ease from their existing card details.

Staff Schedules

Roverd’s unique scheduling feature allows you to manage staff schedules to avoid pinch points where you are over or understaffed. View the week or month ahead – it’s easy to make adjustments. Staff can view their work schedule at a glance, eliminating the need for individual emails.

Customized Pricing

Manage group prices or off-peak rates to suit your business. Roverd’s dashboard allows for fine-tuning and manages different rates.

Stay True to Your Brand

The booking process is one of the first things your customers will see and needs to stay on message regarding brand positioning. That’s why you can add your colors and logo to Roverd’s widget. Roverd will blend seamlessly with your website and promote vital brand consistency a successful business needs.

Accept Payment for Shark Diving Bookings
Allow your customers the freedom to choose.
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Make your business shine with a slick online booking system that simplifies the reservation process. Focus on what’s going on under the water rather than getting swamped in paperwork!

Leave old-fashioned booking behind, start with Roverd today and revitalize your shark diving business!





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