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How Roverd’s Safari Tours Booking System Can Help You

Roverd provides a complete reservation package as a standalone for your safari tours business, or you can add it to your existing system.

An efficient booking process is a priority to help maximize revenue generation and create a positive and professional customer service experience.

Simple for customers to use across various devices, Roverd’s booking system is intuitive and slick for you. Advanced and complex tech features sit behind a simple one-screen dashboard with customer service support there when you need it.

More than just managing reservations, Roverd’s system also offers analytics to help with business development. Data is easy to filter according to your needs and presented in a simple-to-understand format.

Roverd’s booking system takes the labor out of customer reservations, leaving you free to focus on the fundamental tasks of running your safari tours business.

Augment your current system or refresh your company’s booking process in its entirety. Roverd will upgrade your current reservations process with complete automation and advanced business features.

Customers enjoy a quick and easy process when they book.

A single-screen dashboard provides a simple operator overview with easy-to-read data on current reservations, availability, and income.

Tour Software Dashboard Mobile Desktop

Instant and Accurate Availability

Free up staff time by reducing phone and email traffic. Roverd’s system offers real-time availability, facilitating booking 24/7.

Business Development and Customization Features

Add promotional and discount codes for special events or to boost business.
Integrate additional features to the booking process like gift cards, plus gather essential customer information to personalize the visitor experience.

The Power Of Data

Monitor and understand company performance with advanced analytics, which does all the hard work, providing accessible and comprehensive statistics to help you evaluate and grow your business.

Secure Payments

Customers have a range of payment options, including different card choices and alternative currencies.
Streamline your Safari Tours Booking System
Try software that makes booking a breeze
Impress your customers with the professionalism of your business with Roverd’s fully automated reservation system, their first point of contact. Promote efficiency in-house and keep your customers coming back time after time.
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Our Safari Tours Booking System Features

Key customer data

Promote efficiency by harvesting crucial customer data at the point of sale. Optimize and personalize your customers’ tour with features to add special requests.

Learn more about your customer profile to drive growth.

Adjustable Prices

Roverd’s reservation system allows for quick and easy price alterations, which can be pre-configured to adjust automatically based on group size or other factors like age.

Tailor and pre-set pricing to suit your business needs within Roverd’s advanced features.

Abandoned Bookings

Roverd’s system features an auto prompt for abandoned sales. You can also make the most of your database with a facility to send special offers and promotions to past customers.

Promote Customer Attendance

Reduce ‘no shows’ and overlooked reservations with simple reminders that activate automatically upon completing a booking.

Optimize Authentic Reviews

An auto prompt will encourage customers to leave a review on their visit. Promote your business with genuine feedback and use any negative comments as a tool to improve the business.

Develop Your Brand

Roverd’s reservation system dovetails seamlessly with your current website and marketing strategy, with options to add business logos and company colors.
Accept Payment for Safari Tours Bookings
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Let Roverd optimize your service and provide an all-around quality customer service experience, plus maximize growth for your safari tours business.

Our streamlined system will create time in your day and can be used to compliment your current reservation process or as a fully integrated standalone.

Try a demo today and learn just how easy it is to transform your safari tours business with Roverd.


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