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How Roverd's Running Tours Booking Software Can Help You

There's plenty that goes into managing a running tour business, but you don't have to handle all of it on your own. Roverd's streamlined and user-friendly online booking and reservations system can handle the administrative and bookkeeping tasks so you can engage with the active side of your business.

Leave what was once stacks of paperwork to the system, and let it make booking a breeze.
With our booking management software, you can manage your staff availability, respond to cancellations, keep track of inventory, and even take payments. With automation by your side, you can lighten up your workload and spend more time with your feet hitting the ground.

Our dashboard is intuitive and straightforward, and your customers will appreciate it just as much as you do. With 24/7 bookings and access to prep for the tour ahead of time, our software makes for better experiences all around.

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Take Private and Customized Bookings

Have a tour booking that doesn't fit the standard? Accept private and customized bookings with our tour software to ensure each group has what they need and is scheduled appropriately in-between the rest of your tours.

Cancel and Refund With Ease

When a customer needs to cancel, handle it with full disclosure of your terms and conditions for these instances. Set a pre-determined refund amount, and our booking system will notify them of these details to avoid any confusion down the line.

Get Waivers Signed Ahead of Time

Running tours might seem simple, but keeping everyone safe is still a top priority. Put your mind at ease by having your customers sign and return waivers before the day of their tour to confirm that everyone is on the same page.

Notify Customers

Keep your customers updated on any new information or reservation changes with integrated notifications, so you don't have to remember all the details.

Streamline Your Running Tours Booking Software
Try software that makes booking a breeze
Your online reservation system should work for you and not the other way around. There's a lot more that goes into keeping a running tour business thriving where your time and energy would be better spent, so let Roverd's booking system take the reins on the administrative part so you can get in on the action.

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Our Running Tours Booking Software Features

Whitelabel Your Experience

Make the booking process feel like yours by white-labeling the experience with your colors, logo, and unique branding. It makes for a cohesive approach, and customers will feel like they're still on your site.

Simple Booking Widget

Booking doesn't need to be overly complicated. Our booking system widget easily integrates with most websites, all you have to do is install a simple plugin, and we'll handle the rest.

Sophisticated Marketing Tools

Maximize your reach and impact with Roverd's suite of marketing tools, such as custom discount codes to share, coupon codes to entice visitors, and gift cards to keep them coming back.

Keep Customers Coming Back

Set up automated notifications for your almost-customers with friendly reminders after abandoning a booking.

Prompt Reviews

It can be hard to solicit customer reviews, but these testimonials can go a long way in helping you solidify your reputation and attract new clients. Our automated review reminders make it easy for customers to share their thoughts and praise.

Custom Pricing

We understand that not all running tours are the same. Our advanced pricing structure allows for greater flexibility so that you can set custom prices based on the details.
Accept Payments for Running Tours Bookings
Allow your customers the freedom to choose.
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Stop spending so much time running your business, and start spending more time running in your business. Get back outside and let Roverd's online booking system handle your reservations, cancellations, scheduling, marketing, and so much more. 

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