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How Roverd's Party Bikes Booking Software Can Help You

Need a hand with your party bike tour bookings and activity schedules? As your business grows, your calendar becomes hard to keep track of manually.

Look no further than Roverd's cloud-based reservation management software. Manage and get an overview of your inventory, staff schedules, tour cancellations, business performance analytics,
and even marketing efforts all on one user-friendly platform. There's no tech jargon, just easy-to-understand insights and tools.

Free up your team's time to focus on the big stuff — get a Roverd demo today to see how we can help you streamline your party bike tour business.
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24/7 Automated Bookings

Allow your customers to book and even reschedule a party bike tour any time of day or night with Roverd's automated booking widget. No need for your staff to manage schedules manually via phone or email — our system logs it all for you and sends your customers auto-confirmation emails and tickets.

Business Performance Analytics

Easily track your tour sales and revenue with Roverd's integrated business analytics tracker. Our simple dashboard lets you keep tabs on essential data, so you always know how your party bike company is performing. Get access to advanced business and client data as well to inform your marketing efforts.

Easy Resource Management

Digital automation makes resource management that much easier. Check your inventory and staff availability with a glance on our dashboard, and track ongoing activities and tours. Embed it all into your website by installing our simple widget and revolutionize your reservation processes.

Advanced Marketing Tools

Handle pricing, manage resellers, and even create discount codes and gift cards on your Roverd dashboard. Send regular customers loyalty discounts and notify them of upcoming tours and events. Roverd is your one-stop-shop for all things marketing and analytics, all within an online scheduling interface.
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Streamline Your Party Bikes Booking System
Try software that makes booking a breeze
Roverd's system makes it easy for your customers to book their own party bike tours, online, 24/7. It saves precious time and money so you and your team can get back to the hard work. Our software also handles cancellations, rescheduling, and much, much more — book a demo for your business today!
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Our Party Bikes Booking Software Features

Customizable Booking Widget

Roverd software embeds into your website for seamless booking online. You can even customize it with your company colors and logo for a personalized experience from start-to-finish.

Custom Pricing Options

Want to set discounts for large parties, custom pricing for events, or special money-off codes for loyal customers? No problem. Go to Advanced Settings on your Roverd dashboard to learn more.

Increase Your Reviews

Roverd will send your customers a nudge to review their tour experience with your party bike company once it's complete. Reviews increase trust and earn you new patrons.

Customer Auto-Notifications

Our software system will auto-notify your customers when their tour booking is canceled, rescheduled, or coming up to prevent no-shows and miscommunications.

Email & QR Ticketing

For ticketed events and tours, automatic emails containing QR code tickets will be sent directly to your customers. No faffing with paper tickets — it's all done online.

Reserve Slots

Give your customers the option to reserve bike tour slots without paying just yet. They'll be reminded to come back and pay later on, and you'll be able to see which slots are unpaid.
Accept Online Payment for Party Bike Bookings
Allow your customers the freedom to choose their preferred payment platform.
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Start Booking with Roverd

Roverd's online booking management software for party bike tour businesses can do all the above and much more. Find out about EVERY feature and how it can be tailored to benefit your business by contacting us to set up a demo — no strings attached. 

Roverd software can efficiently streamline any business that takes bookings. What are you waiting for? Manage your party bike company easier than ever before with Roverd!

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