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How Roverd’s Paragliding Booking System Can Help You

Roverd’s streamlined booking system will take your paragliding reservations into the stratosphere!

Speed and ease plus 24/7 availability will see your customer numbers soar.

The at-a-glance dashboard instantly shows all the key data you need, including real-time availability, current booking levels, and available staff.
Customers will love your new service, and you can enjoy hassle-free reservations and fewer dropouts. Booking data is easy to access and easy to read.

Want to learn more? Arrange a simple demonstration with one of Roverd’s expert team.

Roverd’s paragliding booking software can partner into a current system or replace your existing arrangement as a standalone package—it’s whatever works for your business.
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24/7 Online Booking Availability

Roverd’s reservation system aims to be the easiest your customers will ever use, cutting down on unnecessary queries via email and phone. Customers can book 24/7, and you can free up your staff for other duties.

Safe Online Payments

Secure payment is part of Roverd’s paragliding booking software. We offer multiple debit and credit card choices plus Paypal for overseas customers. Plus, with different currency options, you can accept reservations from customers wherever they are.

Marketing Features

Roverd takes customer booking to the next level with easy-to-patch in discounts, promotions, and e-gift cards to partner with your marketing initiatives. Real-time tracking makes it easy to see how a campaign is performing with instant feedback.

Sorting Waivers and Disclaimers

All that red tape and administration are sorted during the booking process, avoiding time-consuming work on the day of the booking, reducing delays. Everything is streamlined within the reservation system, ensuring your compliance is A1, and your customers are safe.
Streamline your Paragliding booking system
Try software that makes booking a breeze
Let your customers control the reservations process with easy-to-find reservation slots, a great first impression of your company, and saving valuable staff time. Streamlined booking allows you to deploy staff elsewhere, leaving customer engagement just for those very complex queries that you can’t resolve online.

Roverd takes care of the bookings and lets your business fly.
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Our Paragliding Booking System Features

Seamless Integrated Reviews

Gathering customer reviews is essential but can be a real chore. Roverd’s booking software will automatically ping a review request to each customer after their paragliding experience. Easily capture that essential positive feedback and spot critical weaknesses. Improve those and set your business apart from the competition.

Automatic Notifications

Customers receive an automatic reminder about their reservation, saving hours of staff time checking in with each guest. Reduce empty slots as Roverd’s system automatically releases canceled booking slots back into availability.

Simplified Cancellations & Refunds

The process for cancellations and refunds is all automated. Customers are reimbursed directly to their payment card 24/7 with no requirement to speak to a staff member unless they wish.

Staff Rotas

Make that dreaded staff rota as easy as pie with Roverd’s slick scheduling feature with a simple viewing of the day, week, or month ahead. Individual staff members can view their schedules online with no need for cumbersome email traffic when changes occur.

Pricing Customization

Tailor pricing to suit demand, booking size, or concessions such as student status, multiple bookings, loyalty discounts for repeat customers, or age-related rates. See a quick demo to understand how Roverd’s advanced features offer limitless flexible pricing options.

Stay True to Your Brand

The booking process is one of the first things your customers will see and needs to stay on message for brand positioning. That’s why you can add your own colors and logo to Roverd’s widget. Roverd will blend seamlessly with your website and promote the brand consistency that is vital to a successful business.
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Fly above the clouds and leave your competitors behind with a slick online booking system that makes the reservation process so simple. Save time and costs and ensure your customers have the best experience when they go online to book.




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