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How Roverd’s Outdoor Activities Booking Software Can Help You

While getting some fresh air and vitamin D sounds lovely, the reality of navigating activity bookings is no walk in the park. Between dozens of activity options, various group size limitations, payment malfunctions, and scheduling issues, booking your outdoor activity online can feel like anything but leisurely and relaxing.

When running your activity bookings through Roverd, you’ll see that scheduling, reservations, and payments are all consolidated on one user-friendly platform.
 Outdoor enthusiasts of all walks of life will have all the tools at their disposal to make well-planned decisions about the activities they want and can book with the ultimate efficiency and ease.

Still feeling unsure about Roverd’s ability to keep the ball rolling with your bookings? Read on to hear more about our full roster of unique scheduling features!

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Book Automatically

You never have to go into an event blindsided when you allow players to access activity information and book their spots 24/7. They can purchase tickets, reserve fields, or even reschedule previous bookings should they need to raincheck.

Connect With Your Team

What happens when you desperately need to make a game plan with your team but don’t have a way to communicate easily? With specialty notification features, you can maintain contact with everyone from the moment they book up until it’s time to tee off.

Manage Team Resources

When you’re learning the ropes for activity management, it helps to have a system in place that will allow you to keep track of critical factors, such as inventory, tour options, available booking spots, and more.

Track Your Analytics

You could have stellar athletes but still won’t be successful if you drop the ball on your analytics. Quickly gather data about past performance, expected attendance, and revenue data to make sure that you keep everything on target.
Streamline your Outdoor Activities Booking System
Try software that makes booking a breeze
Make sure your customers aren’t swinging in the dark by giving them all the information they need about activity options and club policies before booking. Roverd leaves nothing on the field with our all-inclusive and easy-to-use scheduling services that promise to keep your activity teams full and your customers happy. Clients should be challenged by your outdoor activities, not by the process of booking.

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Our Outdoor Activities Booking Software Features

Easy Booking

The activity reservation process has never been easier than Roverd’s streamlined and expertly optimized booking widgets. We’ve already tackled the design science, so the only step left is just to install the plugin.

Design Customization

Most teams and clubs already have logos or colors that are crucial to their team spirit and success. You can even choose to keep your team’s branding when you go through our online booking services.

Event Promotion

Maximize your players and attendees by taking complete advantage of all of Roverd’s advanced marketing and promotional software. Advertise events, create discount codes and distribute other incentives to teammates, new and old.

Attendee Retention

An athlete’s involvement with your hosted activities shouldn’t end just because you’ve crossed the finish line. Roverd’s event reminders and auto-notification tools allow you to connect with past players time and time again.

Activity Reviews

We know that your hosted activity was the highlight of the season. Now we want everyone to hear about it, too. Review services allow you to send out auto-messages requesting attendees to review their game or activity, so you can sit back and watch your reviews skyrocket.

App Assistance

Come game time; there’s no room for error. Roverd support specialists are available to guide you through any issues that might arise, from payment processing mishaps to inconvenient double bookings.
Accept Payment for Outdoor Activities Booking
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Who says you need to throw in the towel when it comes to your search for an ideal, full-service booking system?

If you’re still unsure that we can facilitate the easy scheduling experience that your organization needs, then request a demo to test out our gold-medal features before committing. 

The ball’s in your court. Get started with Roverd’s comprehensive booking solutions for your outdoor activities today!




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