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How Roverd's Nature & Wildlife Tours Booking Software Can Help You

Managing tours and activities has never been more accessible. With Roverd, say goodbye to complicated interfaces, delayed payments, and systems issues. Roverd allows you to take control of your business by managing everything in one sleek, streamlined place.

If you want your nature & wildlife tour company to take off and thrive, you have to focus on your foundation: organization, administration, and booking.
Roverd's tour reservation software allows you to handle bookings, manage cancellations, reschedule no-shows, process payments, and track parties all in one place.

Roverd can be used to book more than just tours – activities, courses, classes, events, and appointments can all be designed, promoted, and managed using our software.

Roll out the red carpet for your customers by scheduling with Roverd today.

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Manage Your Business On The Go

You can take Roverd's tour reservation system with you wherever you go. Book tours from a whitewater raft, process payments while skydiving from a plane, and send next week's schedule out to your team while camping under the stars.
You can access Roverd's full functionality from a traditional computer and on our app.

Promotion, Revolutionized

Our suite of sophisticated marketing tools will make tours that never sold into instant bestsellers. Manage resellers, tinker with pricing, control discount codes, and alert your customer base to flash sales with the touch of a finger.

Drive Up Direct Bookings

Get rid of all the middlemen by setting up with Roverd. Call centers are not only discouraging for your customers, who just want one-to-one communication; they’re also a headache on the administrative backend.

Empower your customers to book directly by setting up a form on your company's website.

Simple Booking System Widget

To streamline your booking system, all you need to do is install Roverd's easy-to-use plugin. Make use of Roverd to establish a central base of communications.
Your customers will love you for taking their time as seriously as they take their own.
Streamline your Nature & Wildlife Tours Booking System
Try software that makes booking a breeze
Put the power of choice back in your customers’ lives. Clean up your website and spice up your business with Roverd's tour reservation system. You don't want your customers to know anything about the administrative puzzle that goes into orchestrating nature & wildlife tours. Keep them satisfied with quick payment processes, responsive customer service, and an easy-to-navigate website.
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Our Nature & Wildlife Tours Booking Software Features

24/7 Booking

Let your customers book through your website 24/7 using Roverd's live availability features.

Payment Reminders

Fine-tune cancellation terms, decide which payment methods you want to accept, and send out payment reminders to your customers on an automated basis.

Reservations & Quotations

Allow your customers to seek out reservation quotes before they book. Create a menu of add-ons and customize your checkout page to make the experience that much richer for everyone.

Streamlined Interface

You don't need to go between your email, a page of spreadsheets, booking software, bank sheets, and customer communication interface anymore. Streamline every facet of your business into one sleek, easy-to-use place with Roverd.

Simple Scheduling

Scheduling just got a whole lot simpler. You can create automated notifications for your guests when their scheduled activities are approaching and receive notifications if there are no shows or cancellations.

Marketing Tools

Market your tours, activities, and services in your own way, at your own speed. Whether you want to send out ten custom-tailored promo emails per day, or once per month, you can take charge of the marketing side with Roverd.
Accept Payment for Nature & Wildlife Tours Bookings
Allow your customers the freedom to choose.
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Use Roverd's payment solution by Stripe or connect your own payment processor

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When you get started with Roverd, you commit to revolutionizing your business. See what you can really do with a nature & wildlife tour business by booking with Roverd today!





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