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How Roverd’s Marine Park Booking Software Can Help

Are you tired of spending several hours managing your online bookings for your marine park? If so, Roverd has the perfect solution.

With our cutting-edge reservation software integration, customers can book times to visit your park directly on your website. As a result, you can expect more bookings and a better customer experience. Our marine park management software displays all of your appointments so you and your team know exactly what you need to do each day.
Using Roverd is incredibly easy due to our user-friendly interface and cloud-based system. You can even manage all of your reservations with your mobile phone if you're away from the park.

Schedule a free demo with Roverd today and see how you can take your marine park to the next level!
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Automated Bookings 24/7

Your customers can book tickets for your marine park 24 hours a day using our intelligent reservation software. You can easily set up your availability and collect payments directly from your website. No longer does your marine park staff need to wait around the phone or computer to set appointments manually, Roverd's reservation software has got you covered!

Track Analytics

Keeping tabs on essential data is vital for growth, but it can be difficult to track manually. With the Roverd marine park management system, you get all the insights you need directly on our platform. Monitor sales, show-ups, refunds, and more. You can also see important customer information you can use to help refine your services.

Easily Manage Refunds

With our integration software, you can preset all of your refund policy information right into your booking system. Simple set the refund percentage and manage any cancellations directly on our marine park management software. This is an excellent way to help with reputation management for your marine park

Free Waiver System

With our free waiver system you can gather all the necessary permissions from your customers long before they arrive. Protect your business with the option send waivers to clients while giving them the opportunity to review the documents and send them back if applicable.
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Streamline Your Marine Parks Booking System
Choose software that takes the headache out of managing online appointments
There's no doubt that managing bookings manually is daunting. Let the Roverd reservation software do all the heavy lifting, so you can focus on planning activities and other areas of the marine park that matter.

Reach out to our friendly team today to schedule a free demo of our marine park management software or to ask any questions about our services. Our team can walk you through exactly how Roverd's reservation technology can benefit your marine park.
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Roverd Additional Features

QR Ticket Scanning

Have your marine park reduce paper use through our extremely convenient QR ticket scanning. When customers arrive at your park, they can scan their tickets with their smartphone for an easy check-in experience.

Streamline Payment Collections

Whether a potential customer has low funds, no internet, or any other issues that prevent them from purchasing a ticket on your website, we'll send them a reminder to complete their reservation. We also offer multi-currency support and use affordable day currency exchangers in place of high bank exchange rates. Operate in whatever currency suits your business, increase conversions, and get more people into your marine park with Roverd.

Advanced Event Scheduling

If you host multiple events within your park, Roverd can set up reservations for each of them. Not only will this make it easier for customers to book more activities, but it will also help organize your integrated marine park management systems.

Partner With Resellers

If you're looking for third-party companies to sell tickets to your marine park, you can set that up easily using the Roverd reseller software. With our marine park management system, you can set commission rates and manage what they're allowed to promote.

Offer Group Rates

Encourage large groups of people to come to your marine park by offering better rates for multiple people. Roverd also allows your customers to book multiple tickets in one sitting.

User Notifications

Keep your customers up to date with everything they need to know. Whether it’s cancellations, schedule changes or alterations to their particular booking. Let them know automatically without having to send dozens of emails.
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Get Started With Roverd Marine Park Management Software

Streamline your marine park booking process using our user-friendly online reservation software. Focus less time on admin, sales, and payment processing and more time doing the things that matter. 

Contact us today so a Roverd rep can walk you through exactly how it works.

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