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How Roverd’s Flight Schools Booking System Can Help You

Much like flying itself, navigating the world of flight school registration can be tricky. With so many class options, payment plans and scheduling conflicts to grapple with, many students hit a bit of turbulence when it comes to figuring out which flight school experience works best for them.

Booking a class doesn’t have to be that way, though. You can ensure your students fly smoothly into your flight school’s classroom by managing their enrollment process all through one easy system.

When you run your classes through Roverd, all information about bookings, reservations and payment is consolidated into one easy-to-use platform. Your students will be able to make informed decisions about the classes they want, and sign up with the ultimate ease, meaning they’ll be happy flyers from day one.

If you still aren’t positive that Roverd can give your flight school the easy connections that you’re looking for, then read on to hear all about our specialized class and course scheduling software. Our comprehensive scheduling services will give your students a real first-class experience.

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24/7 Scheduling Services

Allow students to access course information 24/7. They can also reserve their spot in the classroom or re-schedule their booking anytime, day or night.

No-Show Prevention

Nothing’s a more considerable waste of instructor time and resources than a no-show to class. Roverd’s software prevents customers from bailing on their reservations by displaying reminders, prompting confirmations, and offering easy cancellations.

User Notifications

Stay in contact with your students through notification software designed to make them aware of changes to class times, instructor data, or any other updates you need them to know. Notifications are available for both single and multi-day course options so that you can reach them anytime.

Private Booking Options

Not all lessons are ideal for a group setting. Roverd makes it simple to schedule private lessons, too, so you can give each student full attention.
Streamline Your Flight Schools Booking System
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Give your students all the information they need about course options and policies before they book.

Roverd’s comprehensive and user-friendly scheduling services will keep your classroom seats full and your students happy. Flight classes are complex, but booking them shouldn’t be. Call us to get a demo today!

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Our Flight Schools Booking System Features

Promote Classes

Are you finding yourself with empty spots in your class regularly? Roverd’s effective online marketing services will keep seats filled by allowing you to run online promotions, offer course sales through resellers, and more.

Handle No-Shows

Sometimes the best way to prevent no-shows is to have strictly enforced policies that penalize students who abandon their reservations last minute. Not only does Roverd’s software enable you to implement these consequences, but we can also help you inform prospective students at the point of sign-up.

Plan Multi-Day Activities

For courses that need to take place over several days, Roverd can make an otherwise complicated sign-up process easy. Our multi-day booking technology lets students peruse all available dates.

Offer Advanced Class Scheduling

Not all classes are the same, which means you need scheduling software that lets you tailor the sign-up process based on class specifications. Roverd provides options to establish class availability on instructors, class length, level, and more.

Provide Multiple Payment Options

Every student’s banking method will be slightly different, but that should never be a reason why they can’t take one of your classes. By allowing you to either connect to our payment system or provide your processor, Roverd can help you meet their preferences while also considering your own.

Advertise Group Rates

Roverd gives you the option of letting customers book multiple spots in your classroom simultaneously. Group discounts or other incentives can also apply.
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Allow your customers the freedom to choose.
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