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How Roverd's Travel Booking Software Can Help You

Traveling abroad requires a great deal of coordination, organization, and planning. Managing multiple itineraries—including flights, ground transportation, lodging, and more—requires taking in numerous data points, factoring in time zone changes, and more.

Make your work easier with an intelligent system: Roverd booking software for flexible/foreign independent travel.

Roverd FIT booking software is the ideal management tool for your travel company.
With Roverd, you can accept bookings 24/7, communicate with customers in real-time, and easily coordinate across time zones.

Use Roverd to keep track of the small things, like coordinating multi-day activities and advertising to new customers so that you can focus on the big stuff, like getting your customers where they need to go!

Sign up for a free demo today and say bon voyage! Because your business will be taking off to new horizons.
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Easy Payment

Empower your customers to pay in the way that they want to pay. Roverd accepts payments from Stripe, PayPal, IDEAL, Visa, and Mastercard with options for multiple currencies. Why place limits on which travelers can sign up and pay for your services and stunt your company's growth? With Roverd, you can grow to reach all new customers.

Streamlined Booking Widget

Get booted up to go within a matter of minutes with Roverd's streamlined and straightforward booking widget. All of your operations will be accessible from one central portal. Intuitive commands allow you to access mail, calendar, bookings, payments, marketing, analytics, and more. Easily flex from one task to the other with Roverd's booking widget.


Booking software isn't worth migrating all your operations onto if it doesn't allow customization. Settle into whatever workflow works best for you, and Roverd will accommodate. Use your brand logo and colors within the online booking widget to ensure the branding extends from customers to cash handlers.

Marketing Genius

Roverd makes promotion and marketing simple with a suite of sophisticated tools to get your company's name out there. Compete with the best international travel booking business with our promotion tools. Enable resellers to transfer tickets to new customers seamlessly, and control discount codes with the click of a button.
Streamline your FIT Travel booking software
Try software that makes booking a breeze
Setting up all your foreign travel arrangements in one place will save you time and attract more travelers. You can install Roverd's booking widget and go live within 2 minutes. Streamline booking, payments, cancellations and rescheduling, calendars, and more within one accessible, intuitive, easy to use widget!
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Our FIT Tours Reservation System Features

Automation That Lets You Innovate

Tons of time gets wasted repeating the same mechanical tasks. Roverd allows you to automate your essential processes, like itinerary updates and travel reminders, for maximum time savings.

Marketing and Analytics

Reach beyond your tried and true customer base using marketing and analytics. How you reach your customers will determine whether they book with you and invite friends and family to sign up, too. Roverd's communication tools will be making regulars out of all your customers.

Booking Management

The foundation of your business is managing books, from the scheduling to the finances. Never miss a thing with Roverd's advanced booking software.

Cancellations and Refunds

Cancellations and refunds are a fact of business. Never miss an opportunity to bring customers back to your business with a no-pain cancellation process. Enable instant refunds, and allow resellers to contact their new buyers directly.

Secure Online Payment

Everybody expects online payment. You should make it as quick and painless as possible. Establish your refund and cancellation policies any time, and revise them whenever you see fit.

Analytics Tracking

The key to growing your business is tracking analytics. See where customers come to your company page from, and target how you can drive more growth with Roverd.
Accept Payment for Flexible/Foreign Independent Travel Bookings
Allow your customers the freedom to choose.
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Cut down on the distractions and confusion of foreign travel and build your business out to customers you never imagined you could reach. With Roverd, you can put all your time and resources back into the thing that matters: making sure your customers have the time of their lives. Call today for a free demo.


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