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How Roverd's Escape Room Booking Software Can Help You

Escape rooms have become a popular and exciting activity over the last few years, especially for friend groups, family get-togethers, and team building experiences. If your business is struggling to keep track of the demand, get Roverd's cloud-based, all-in-one booking management software.

Break free from manual schedules, cross-checking your staff calendar when making rotas, and accidentally double-booking guests.
Roverd's user-friendly system displays all your resources and booking management needs on one easy-to-read dashboard.

Ready to learn more about Roverd's features? There are many! Learn how Roverd's innovative system could benefit your company below and book a demo today.
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Take Bookings 24/7

Gone are the days when bookings could only be made by calling your staff during work hours. With Roverd, your customers can book online, whenever they please. Their confirmation and tickets will be sent automatically via email and their booking will be logged on the system, which you can check from desktop or mobile.

Guest Info Logging

Need to make sure everyone attending your games is above a certain age? You can set this as a requirement when bookings are made. Ask any relevant questions on your reservation forms to ensure all attendees are permitted to come along. This also helps with insights for your analytics and marketing data.

Advanced Marketing Software

Unlock advanced marketing tools when you sign up with Roverd. Add discounts for large parties, create gift cards for people to send to loved ones, and even manage ticket resellers all on your dashboard. Oversee all your promotional activities to market your business and service your way.

Set Cancellation & Refund Policies

Set out cancellation and refund policies on our online booking system so that everyone's on the same page. Guests can cancel or reschedule their reservations themselves with our platform. When a slot is canceled, you can set an automatic refund percentage that gets returned to them.
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Streamline Your Escape Room Booking System
Try software that makes booking a breeze
Book your Roverd demo today! Speak to our friendly advisors who can detail exactly how our program can be tailored to your business. Want to ticket your escape room games? Send auto-notifications when customers don't check out? Track events over multi-day schedules? Roverd can do all that and more.

Try Roverd today and see how booking management automation can take a load off your shoulders, so you can get back to hosting games.
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Our Escape Room Booking Software Features

QR Ticket Passes

Allow your guests easy entry with QR-coded tickets. Simply scan and go — no long queues or head-counting. Make it digital!

Custom Fields for Booking Forms

Whatever you need to ask your customers, ask it using the custom fields on your booking form. From dietary requirements to the number of people coming to medical conditions, get all the answers you need.

Multi-Day Event Tracking

Do you hold events that take place over more than one day, like escape room weekends? Roverd's dashboard settings allow you to customize event running times.

Automatic Quoting

Let your customers see exactly what their booking will cost when they input the number of guests, which game they want to play, how many days, etc. with Roverd's automatic quotations.

Multiple Currency Options

No need for your customers to pay at the door. They can pay when they book through Roverd online software,.which means you can accept multiple different currencies, opening up your site to more bookings from a variety of people.

Staff Accounts

Each member of your staff can have an account where they can keep track of their schedules and exactly where they need to be at any one time. You can also limit who can access and edit these staff accounts so that you as the boss know who is working when.
Accept Online Payment for Escape Room Bookings
Allow your customers the freedom to choose their preferred payment method with Roverd.
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Use Roverd's payment solution by Stripe or connect your own payment processor

Start Booking With Roverd

Managing the calendar for your escape games getting out of control? Rein it in with Roverd's user-friendly, online booking system.

Give your customers a streamlined reservation experience with a booking page that blends beautifully with your existing website. Contact us today to demo the software for free — our lovely team will even give you a personalized walk-through.

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