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How Roverd's Dive Schools Booking Software Can Help You

Roverd is here to help you get your dive school booking site off the ground. If you want a simple and effective way to get bookings for your dive school our easy-to-use software is here to help.

We hide all the overly technical stuff so you can focus on the overall running of your business
and quickly find all the updates, bookings, staff, and equipment availability in one place.

Better still we allow you to open up to as big a range of clients as possible as our cloud-based software is also mobile-friendly. Our reservation service has everything you need.
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Resource Based Availability

When it comes to diving centers there is a lot you need to keep track of. You can ensure that you safely have enough staff and equipment for your bookings. If you know on a certain day you only have two staff available, you can prevent over-booking by only allowing booking for the resources available.

Track Your Analytics

Roverd has an online activity providers program to ensure you can keep tabs on all the important analytics. Quickly and easily see revenue, sales data, and other important statistics to have a clear picture of exactly how your business is doing.

Automatic Cancellation & Alteration Notifications

Stop making dozens of individual phone calls and typing the same email over and over. With our booking system, you can send out automatic cancellations to customers and automate notifications and emails. Emergency? Bad weather? Not a problem. Use Roverd to send out auto cancellations and notify customers with any changes.

Reduce No-shows

People not turning up for their dive lessons can cost the company money. With our system you can send friendly reminders to your customers as early as possible so that they can then make up their mind if they still want their booking, and if not, cancel and free the slot up for another diver.
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Streamline your Dive Schools Booking System
Try software that makes online booking a breeze
We understand the natural apprehension of committing to a service instantly. That’s exactly why we offer a free demo, so you can get a taste of how we can transform your business.

See what it's like to have the online booking software do all the work.
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Our Dive Schools Booking Software Features

24-Hour Booking Access

Allow your customers the chance to book any time and day of the week with 24/7 access to online bookings.

Multi-Channel Support

If you suddenly have a burning question or need guidance, you can get a hold of us easily thanks to our multi-channel support network. Phone, emails or live chat, all you have to do is contact us and we will get right back to you.

Integrated Waiver System

Make use of our waiver capability by seamless issuing clear waivers to your customers. With the option to review and send back, your customers will feel confident in communicating with you about their needs and you’ll be covered.

Promotion and Resell Options

Contact resellers for ticketed events and set the parameters for what they can and cannot promote for you. In particular, make use of boat trip resellers by working with them online or offline for your dive school. With Roverd, you’ll also open your business up to customers who may not have otherwise seen you.

Multi-Day Event Planning

Take the hassle out of tracking bookings for multiple days by centralizing all information of participants, staff, and reservations under one event.

Quotations for Private or Unique Bookings

If there is a customer needing something niche or wanting to make a private booking, create a quote for their specific wants and work with your client to ensure everything runs smoothly.
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