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How Roverd's Distillery Booking Software Can Help You

The key ingredient to the success of any distillery isn't having the best product or the friendliest team. True success comes from how a business handles appointments, bookings, and reservations for tours, tastings, and other events.

You need to have a fully-featured, cloud-based, automated online booking management system these days.
If your company is still relying on piecing together emails, phone calls, and drop-ins for its bookings, there's no way to ensure maximal quality control.

Roverd empowers business owners to integrate all the complex, time-consuming daily operations — from accounting, purchasing, and receiving to sales and shipments, production, and inventory — into one customizable, easy-to-use system.
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Private Group Scheduling

Confirming bookings of groups as small as five and as large as 500 has never been easier. With private group scheduling, clients can set up special events not visible to regular customers.

Upsell Your Tour During Booking with Roverd's Recommended Tours/Trips Section

Roverd's advanced sales and marketing solutions allow you to up-sell offers like tours during regular or group bookings. Take advantage of the easy-to-navigate interface to customize every aspect of the checkout process. With Roverd, your customers will feel taken care of every step of the process and have access to support 24 hours a day.

Analytics to Measure and See Data

The only way to grow is to analyze the weaknesses in your craft and improve on them. Roverd's data-driven analytics help you ensure better experiences from more customers.

Sell Merchandise with Add-ons

Create discount coupons, offer gift cards, and up-sell merchandise at or before check-out using add-ons. Roverd accepts all major forms of payment, including PayPal, Stripe, IDEAL, and all major credit cards. Install the unique booking system widget, build in the merchandise you'd like to see included in the add-ons, and start selling better today.
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Streamline your Distillery Booking System
Try software that makes booking a breeze
At Roverd, your business is our business. If our online management system doesn't raise your bottom line, we're not doing our job right.

Get a demo of our software at any time. Your company deserves comprehensive, streamlined booking and reservation support. Try out all our features, from brand (logo and color scheme) integration to simplifying checkout flow.
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Our Distillery Booking Software Features

Age Check — Waivers are Important

It's important to keep your business above board by verifying each member of a group booking or reservation age. With Roverd, you can request, collect, and organize age waivers for tastings all in one place before they even set foot in the distillery.

QR Ticketing & Check-ins

Welcome to the future of ticketing — implement QR ticketing to make check-in a breeze. All your clients need is the unique event QR code on their smartphones to access a craft beer tour or tasting. Craft a seamless experience for your customers and your team.

Offer Promotions Discount Codes

Build promotions into any and every part of the process, from check out to check-in. Roverd's suite of promotional features allows you to highlight the events and merchandise you need to sell first

Online Booking and Payment

Roverd accepts all major payment methods, giving your customers the freedom of options. Respond to clients' queries up to the date of events, and manage group booking with specialized discount codes.

Calendars & Scheduling

The scheduling process doesn't have to take a whole day anymore. Reinvent the way your distillery company from the calendar up - with Roverd's streamlined reservation system, customers will receive automated reminders, cutting back on cancellations and no-shows.

Offer Pick-ups & Transfers

Set up pick-ups, reschedule before canceling, and offer refunds using Roverd's sophisticated 1-click technology. You'll turn visitors into customers in a matter of clicks.
Accept Payment for Distillery Bookings
Allow your clients the freedom to choose.
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Start Booking with Roverd

If you want to revolutionize the way your distillery does business, start booking with Roverd. Roverd's booking and reservation system mold itself to accentuate each company's strengths and improve its weaknesses.

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