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How Roverd's Carriage Rides Booking System Can Help You

There's nothing quite like seeing a city or park from the back of a carriage. Carriage rides are a tourism and weekend staple for those wanting to see a new place in a new way.

If you offer carriage ride tours online, Roverd can make your reservation system as user-friendly as possible, ensuring you get more and more customers.
Roverd's clean, easy-to-use system automates the small things. Save time and money by allowing customers to book online 24/7 with our all-in-one carriage hire management system, personalized to your company's needs. Learn more here and contact us today to start your FREE demo.
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24/7 Online Availability

…Even when you're out on tours with customers. No matter the location or time of day, allow your clients to book their carriage rides quickly, easily, and online. Have automated confirmation emails and chatbots set up to help your customers navigate the registration process, all through Roverd's platform on your website.

Advanced Scheduling with Time Slots

Never be caught out — know where you need to be at what time for all your carriage rides, way in advance. Customers can choose the most convenient slot for them at times set by you.

Ticketing QR Check-In

Gone are the days of long queues while customers get checked in. Make check-ins for both individual and group rides really easy by providing a QR code, sent via email. Get your groups scanned in with one swipe.

Automated Messaging

Roverd removes the need for your staff to sit at a computer or phone replying to every inquiry and confirming every carriage hire. Our software lets you automate confirmations, cancellations, and reminders via email to customers — all hands-free for you.
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Streamline Your Carriage Rides Booking System
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Test out all our amazing automated solutions today with a free demo. Your Roverd software package will be customized to suit your business, with a huge variety of features to choose from. Find out how Roverd can make your company's day-to-day processes that much easier.
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Our Carriage Rides Booking System Features

Group Pricing

Discounted group pricing attracts parties and families. Our software allows you to set special pricing and discounts for all kinds of reasons — simply customize prices on your Roverd dashboard.

Easy Group Reservation

Make it easy for customers to hire carriages for a group by allowing group tickets on your website using Roverd. Avoid endless paper trails and email chains by having one slot per group, with one QR-scannable ticket for everyone.


Work with resellers to expand your potential client base. Resellers can help promote your business and events as well as sell tickets. Manage all your resellers and track sales on our platform.

Staff Scheduling

Never be without people to take care of your horses and maintain the carriages. Quickly and easily set up and track your staff members' schedules. Your staff can also check their schedules and plan ahead with Roverd.


Horses can be unpredictable animals, no matter how well-trained they are or how experienced your staff may be. Protect your business by integrating a mandatory waiver into your registration process, so everyone is on the same page.

Easy Cancel & Free Refunds

If you have to cancel tours due to bad weather, or your customer can't make it, Roverd ensures easy cancellations with just a few clicks. You can also build your refund policy into your registration process, whether they're free or incur a fee, so that there are no surprises for your customers.
Accept Payment for Carriage Rides Bookings
Allow your customers the freedom to choose.
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Roverd's carriage rides management software comes with all the features necessary to make the carriage hiring process quick and easy for both you and your customer. 

Track your sales, tours, events, staff schedules, analytics, and lots more all in one easy-to-use dashboard. 

Want to learn more? Contact us today for an in-depth run-through of our service and a FREE demo to find out how Roverd can streamline your business.

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