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How Roverd's Canyoning & Rappelling Tours Booking Software Can Help You

High-stakes adventure activities are an incredible way to get outdoors and engage in the natural world around you, but they require immense caution and diligence.

If you're in the business of canyoning and rappelling tours, you know better than anyone that safety demands your full attention. As a business leader, it can be tough to focus the required energy on your tours while also managing all the backend work, like bookings and scheduling.
Roverd is here to help. Our team of software experts is ready to offer easy-to-use booking and website management solutions that will keep your business running smoothly without demanding your precious attention and energy.

Rappel on down for a free demo, and let us prove it.

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24/7 Online Availability

Just because you're out of the office doesn't mean your customers won't come knocking. That's why our software allows customer booking, any place and any time. 24/7 availability allows your business to continue operating in the background, whether you're focusing on tours or taking some well-deserved time off.

Automated Waivers

Adventure tours are no joke. Even the brave-hearted among us may get sweaty palms when staring down over a canyon. You work hard to ensure the safety of your customers. Let us do the work to ensure the safety of your business. With automated waivers sent to tour-goers upon booking, you'll have all the vital documents you need well before the day of the tour.

Easy QR Check In

Before a canyoning or rappelling adventure tour, you've got your hands full. QR technology makes the check-in process a breeze, freeing up your time to focus on more important things. Plus, when someone checks in for their tour with Roverd's QR feature, our software will automatically match it to their client file, giving you all the information you need with the click of a button.

Customized Scheduling

Do you offer tours at varying times and intervals? No sweat! Our online booking software can easily be customized to your unique scheduling needs. You can set scheduling parameters, custom pricing, and more. Plus, it all integrates seamlessly into your website.
Streamline your Canyoning & Rappelling Tours Booking Software
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Get back to what you love and leave the painstaking work of booking and scheduling to Roverd. Our top-notch software can tackle routine, behind-the-scenes tasks, so you can focus on providing a safe and fun experience for your customers. We’ve got you covered with features that streamline booking, payment processing, and website management!
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Our Canyoning & Rappelling Tours Booking Software Features

Group Pricing

Canyoning makes a great group outing, and working with groups is a great way to attract new customers! Roverd makes it as simple as possible for you and your customers if you offer group pricing. Plus, we accept all major credit cards.


Working with resellers is expected in your industry. Let us make sure you don't get the short end of the stick. Our software can set unique payout and commission rates to streamline partnerships.

Staff Scheduling

Not only do you have customers to take care of, but you've got a whole staff too! With Roverd, you never have to worry. Our scheduling software will keep your team happy and operations running smoothly.


Sometimes, plans change. When this happens to your customers, Roverd makes it incredibly simple to reschedule sessions, limiting the number of cancelations and keeping that cash flow coming.

Cancelation Policy Integration

Our software integrates your cancellation policy into the booking process, so customers know expectations upfront. This transparency can limit frustration down the line and increase customer satisfaction.

Equipment Management

Rappelling requires specific safety equipment. With Roverd's equipment management software, you can easily keep track of what's available, so you never overbook yourself.
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