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How Roverd's ATV Tours & Rental Booking Software Can Help You

Roverd's ATV tour and rental software is designed to make keeping track of events and business aspects as easy as possible. Keeping on top of bookings, staff availability, cancellations, inventory management and more can take up a lot of time — so why not use an online management system for your rentals that
automates all of these things? You're then free to focus on the bigger picture.

Our solutions show your bookings, analytics, and more in one easy-to-use dashboard. Streamline your business today with Roverd.
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Integrated Waiver System

Safety is a number one priority when it comes to dangerous activities like ATV tours. Use Roverd’s integrated waiver to ensure you check all the necessary bits and pieces, cover all bases and get confirmation that your customer is happy with your terms

Easy Cancel and Refund

Be in full control of the terms and conditions of your cancellations. Have a predetermined percentage that you will give back to your customers, and our system will inform them of this when they purchase their tickets to ensure everyone is on the same page.

Accept Private Bookings

Sometimes parties want to make private reservations. With our rental software, you can keep track of these groups and ensure they are scheduled around your everyday events.

User Notifications

A key part of customer management is keeping them up to date on any changes to their reservations or just reminding them of their ATV rental. Set up automatic notifications, so you can put your focus elsewhere.
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Streamline Your ATV Tours & Rental Booking System
Try software that makes online booking a breeze
If you're not 100% sold on how our rental software can help your rental business, then why not try our free demo? You get all the benefits of our system such as real time numbers and inventory management just so you can test the water.

Our highly skilled team will be there 24/7 to answer your questions.
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Our ATV Tours & Rental Booking Software Features

Handle No-Shows with Ease

Fix the problem before it even occurs. Before signing up, your customers will be informed of your late cancellation policy, so they can make an informed decision about whether to book or not.

Keeping Track

Inventory management, customer management, staff, and scheduling can all be tricky to keep track of. That is, if they are in separate places. Using our software, you can have everything housed in one easy-to-use place. Watch numbers change in real time as tickets are sold and know exactly what is happening when.

Offer a Variety of Payment Options

Everyone has a preferred method of payment, so why not offer a selection to your customers? You can use our in-house system, Stripe, or connect your company's own processor. You can also allow your customer to split their payment using our system.

Check Reviews with Ease

We all like to know we're doing a good job. Get updates in real time on what your clients thought of their rental experience. Send messages to your customers asking them for a review of their experience with your company.

Customize Your Pages

Make the booking page your own. Add your logo, use your business's colors, and keep everything on-brand. Your customers will know exactly who they are working with when they book ATV tours and events with you.

24/7 Online Help

No matter the time of day or week, if you need help with our rental reservation software, you can get in contact with our team. From the smallest quibble to any big issues, we have your back.
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Want to make your rental business run that bit smoother? Try the Roverd demo to get a taste of what our system can offer you. Our team will be on hand to offer you any advice you may need, and you'll get access to the scheduling interface and all the tech we offer. If you then choose to switch to a full Roverd package you will have constant access to an amazing, easy-to-use platform for your rental business.
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