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How Roverd’s Adrenaline & Extreme Tours Booking System Can Help You

Roverd’s slick and streamlined reservation system will set your pulse racing!

With our adrenaline and extreme tours booking software, you can save the heart-stopping moments for the tours—not for the office—and watch your customer base grow and grow.

One glance will tell you everything you need to know about your current reservations. It’s also easy to read staff availability and see vacant time slots.
Booking data is easy to download and analyze, so it’s not just your customers who are going to love Roverd’s supreme booking software.

Find out more with a simple demonstration from Roverd’s expert team.

The day you install Roverd in your business is the one date to remember on your calendar—this is a gamechanger.
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Booking Availability 24/7 Online

Reduce staff time spent on emails and phone calls and let your customers be wholly self-sufficient in the booking process. Remove repetitive processes by making everything readily available online.

Secure Online Payments

Customer payments are safe and secure with integrated payment options, including multiple debit and card choices plus Paypal. There are also different currency options for overseas customers.

Marketing Features

Roverd’s advanced features allow you to add discounts, promotions, and e-gift cards. Streamlined data management means you can easily track marketing campaigns and special offers to monitor their success.

Managing Waivers and Disclaimers

Legalities are a vital element in your business. Get the paperwork done ahead of time so your customers can get right to the action when they arrive. Automation saves your business time and means nothing essential gets missed.
Streamline Your Adrenaline & Extreme Tours Booking Software
Try software that makes booking a breeze
Win more customers with a fully integrated and easy booking program that makes it super easy for them to reserve a spot on your tours. Plus, reduce staff time through slick automation and maximize your business efficiency.

Let the office take care of itself while you get on with the day job!
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Our Adrenaline & Extreme Tours Booking Software Features

Seamless Integrated Reviews

Catch those favorable customer reviews, your best form of advertising. Roverd’s booking system will automatically contact each customer after their booking and ask them to review their experience. Use negative feedback as a force for change.

Automatic Notifications

Forget staff reminding customers manually before each booking slot—Roverd will do this for you, saving time and minimizing no-shows. The system quickly returns canceled bookings to online availability.

Simple Cancellations & Refunds

Cancellations and refunds can be processed online 24/7, even when the office is closed, with customers reimbursed directly on their payment card.

Staff Schedules

See staff availability at a glance—Roverd automates the staff schedules so that you can eliminate that nightmare chore that everyone dreads. Staff can see their timetables quickly and easily, with any changes flagged for them. It’s the effortless way to automate your scheduling and remove time-consuming communication.

Customized Pricing

Tailor prices to reflect demand and any special offers. Watch Roverd’s quick demo to see how easy it is to customize pricing to suit your business needs. We deliver a system that is instantly responsive so that you can set prices in a way that works for you.

Stay True to Your Brand

Add company colors and logo to Roverd’s widget so that your new booking system is on-brand. Whether the software is a total replacement or an add-on to an existing booking package, customize Roverd so that your booking process reflects your company image.
Accept Payment for Adrenaline & Extreme Tours Bookings
Allow your customers the freedom to choose.
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Roverd can blend seamlessly with your current system or offer a whole new reservation program. It’s whatever you want. Take your business to the next level and concentrate on the real work while the reservations take care of themselves.




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