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How Roverd's Offroad Tours Booking Software Can Help You

Online booking can be inconvenient, even for the most tech-savvy. And for your customers wanting the thrill of an offroad tour, every second wasted online is another second they could be spending on an adventure.

Stop wasting your time and theirs and switch to Roverd. Our booking software makes it easy to manage 4WD offroad tours. From an easy-to-use interface that lets your customers arrange their own tour times to perks like customization, multiple payment gateways, and marketing analytics, Roverd handles it all.
The only ditch you should be worrying about is the one you’ll be climbing out of with four-wheel drive. But with an outdated scheduling system, you’ll be left in the dust.

Take back the wheel and steer your business to new paths with Roverd 4WD offroad tours booking software.

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Booking Without Limits

Reservations the old-fashioned way requires a staff member sitting at the office and answering calls—say goodbye to this restricted mode and free yourself and your passengers with online booking. Roverd's automated booking system makes it easy for customers to sign up for tours and activities 24/7. It’s scheduling without limits.

Promotion With All Four Wheels

Relying on word-of-mouth to attract new passengers puts the breaks on your promotional capabilities. But now with Roverd. Our integrated marketing tools let you promote the easy way, including automated campaigns, seasonal discounts, and more. With Roverd booking software for 4WD offroad tours, it’s your way, the highway, and anyway you steer your brand.

Scheduling Made Easy

Guests sign up and cancel—it’s the way of the business. Now, you can make scheduling easy thanks to our automated notification system. Guests can receive reminders about upcoming tours, check out live updates of tour activities, and more. And if a tour member cancels, the system will update the tour roster for you. Who says scheduling has to be a hassle?

Secure Payments

Your guests might be excited to go on a bumpy ride, but not when it comes to their payment. Roverd's secure payment system means your customers never have to worry about their online transactions. Plus, with multiple payment gateways from Visa and Mastercard to PayPayl, Stripe, and more, you can give your guests the freedom to choose.
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Roverd booking software for 4WD offroad tours makes it easy to schedule tours, accept payments, and send out updates about new adventures for your thrill-seeking customers. Take advantage of our scheduling software made easy so that you can focus on what drives your business: offroad tours! Call today for a free demo.
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Our Offroad Booking Software Features

Simplified Booking Widget

Roverd’s unique booking widget makes it easy to install our software. Just download the widget to get your hands on a streamlined reservation process. The integrated software automatically updates changes to the online booking platform.

Take Control Of Your Availability

Our software lets you manage your available slots and cancelations, minimizing the number of no-shows by putting the power of scheduling and rescheduling back in your customers’ hands. Beyond giving them that power, our software also alerts you to any unconfirmed bookings with auto-notifications. It frees up your customers to schedule what and when they want and lets you optimize every open tour!

Special Scheduling

By selecting and utilizing our services, you can configure your activities and schedules with custom pricing, duration, cut-off times, and more. Our booking software is bespoke and works in the way you need it.

Automated Cart and Tour Reminders

If a customer forgets to finish booking a tour, they can get reminder messages that they have items left in their cart! What's more, the automated functionality means the system does all the work!

Brand Customization

You worked hard to build your brand—don’t let it stop with the booking process! Our platform allows you to integrate your logo, brand colors, and theme so that everything from the sign-up portal to the booking widget reflects you, your business, your brand.

Customer Review Management

Customer reviews allow your business to respond to and grow with your customer base—and with Roverd, it’s easier than ever to get reviews. With automated review invites, you won’t have to lift a finger to see the reviews start rolling in and your enrollments start increasing.
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If you're looking for the best in booking software, you’ll find it here at Roverd. Our 4WD offroad booking software puts you back in the driver’s seat when it comes to managing your scheduling, tours, pricing, brand imaging, marketing, and more. You can’t wait to show your customers the thrill of offroad adventures, and we can’t wait to show you how easy it is to take them from the computer screen to the road. Adventure awaits—what are you waiting for?

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