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How Roverd’s Zoo Booking Software Can Help You

Peaceful as a stroll through the zoo sounds, the reality of navigating tours can often be messier than anticipated. Between an overload of tour options, varying group size limitations, scheduling conflicts, and payment problems to grapple with, zoo tourists might feel as though they’re on a wild goose chase.

Operate your tours through Roverd, and all the necessary scheduling data, reservations, and payment will be consolidated into one user-friendly platform.

Animal enthusiasts of all kinds will be able to make informed decisions about the tours they want and book their spot with the ultimate ease, meaning they’ll be happy as a clam throughout the process.

If you still aren’t confident that Roverd can help your zoo get all its ducks in a row, then keep reading to learn more about our specialized scheduling features.
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Book a Tour Spot 24/7

You never have to let sleeping dogs lie when you allow visitors to access tour information 24/7. They can buy a ticket, reserve a spot on tour or reschedule their booking with just a few easy clicks.

Notify your Visitors

With notification features, you can stay in contact with your visitors at any time between when they book and when the tour is about to begin. Prevent pesky no-shows by reminding users of their tour times and prompting confirmations, and allow your zoo to keep them updated on other changes that might arise.

 Market Speciality Events

Your zoo offers tons of promotional events and specialty tours for groups, parties, celebrations, and more. With Roverd’s advanced marketing features, you can market your tour options and fun activities to draw in more visitors.

Pay Ahead of Time

If faulty payment software is one of your biggest pet peeves as a business, then you need Roverd’s vast array of options, which allow customers to pay with Stripe, PayPal, IDEAL, Visa, or Mastercard.
Streamline your Zoos Booking System
Try software that makes booking a breeze
Make sure your visitors have all the information they need about tour options and policies before they book. Roverd’s comprehensive and user-friendly scheduling services will keep your zoo full and your animals basking in all the attention, with little effort on your part. Zoology is difficult, but running your tours shouldn’t be.
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Our Zoo Booking Software Features

Simple Booking Buttons

With Roverd’s easy-to-install and expertly designed booking system widgets, the reservation process has never been more streamlined and optimized. All you need to do is install a plugin to start letting visitors book tours right away.

Customizable Designs

Most zoos have distinctive logos or colors that set them apart as a place to experience special animal education and care. Our online booking services allow you to keep your company branding so that your return visitors will feel as though they’ve never left.

Advanced Marketing Promos

Maximize the number of visitors you are bringing into your zoo by taking full advantage of Roverd’s advanced marketing software. Sell gift cards, create discount codes, and distribute promotional material widely to attract the broadest possible audience.

Customer Retention Tools

Your relationship with your visitors shouldn’t end after just one trip to the zoo. Use Roverd’s auto-notifications and experience reminders to bring them through your gates again and again. Also, these services can prevent customers from abandoning bookings in their online cart.

Review Requests

Let everyone read about how top-notch and exceptional your zoo is by ramping up your review services. Roverd allows you to send out auto-messages requesting visitors to review their trip.

Extensive Pricing Options

Every visitor’s banking method will be slightly different, but that should never be a reason not to book. By allowing you to choose the payment processing system of your choice, you can cater to both your visitor’s needs and your own.
Accept Payment for Zoo Booking
Allow your customers the freedom to choose.
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Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?

If you’re still not positive that Roverd is the best option for your zoo’s scheduling needs, request a demo so you can test out all the top features ahead of time.

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