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How Roverd's Sportfishing Charters Reservation System Can Help You

f you own a business specializing in catering fishing boats, especially for individuals who enjoy sportfishing, then Roverd is here to streamline your online booking software.
Roverd's booking software hides all the complicated mechanisms to make running the online parts of your business easier and offers an excellent service for your client.
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Booking Add-Ons

Allow your customer to book additional equipment, such as bait and tackle, when they reserve their tickets to charter a boat. You can keep track of this too via the online management system that Roverd provides.

Refunds Are No Longer Complicated

If your customer needs to cancel their booking for any reason, you can tell them exactly how their refund will get back to them and how much they will get back via automatic emails and notifications once their original booking is complete.

Multi-day activities

If your business runs multi-day events, ensure that you advertise them on your site and allow your customers to book multiple days for an event all at the same time.

Custom Quotations

Let your customers generate custom bookings. If someone needs to charter a boat for a private sportfishing event, and your traditional packages don't cover their need, give your client a way to contact you with specific requests.
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Streamline your Sportfishing Charters Reservation System
Try software that makes booking a breeze
There is nothing worse than a website with a complicated booking experience. Clients want things to be simple and instructions to be clear. Roverd hides all the complicated bits and pieces to create software that is easy for your company to use and makes the clients' experience just that much better. Don't believe us? You can try our system today using the free demo.
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Our Sportfishing Charters Reservation System Features


Fishing charters can be considered dangerous. The weather and unpredictable nature of the sea are things you as a fishing charter business and your customers need to be aware of. This is why Roverd offers integrated waivers so that you and your customer can be on the same page. Ask them for all the information you need to know and ensure they understand their charter's risk.

Group Ticketing

Let people make a reservation for multiple people on one ticket. When trying to get a group together, it can seem impossible to get everyone the right ticket for the right day. Remove that risk using an online booking system on your website where an individual can put in all information for multiple people and pay one lump sum.

Always Bookable Even Out at Sea

No matter where your customer is, you can use our online booking software to charter boats and rent equipment. This is because not only is there a reservation booking system for desktop view, but you can also use it to create a mobile-friendly website.

Automatic Bad Weather Notifications & Cancellations

No one can predict the weather. Use our software to automatically ping all reservations for that day and inform them of the changes or cancellations on days that are too rough to be on the sea.

Easy Rescheduling

Customers don't have to mess around when it comes to rescheduling. They can look at their calendar and your companies online calendar to rearrange for a date that better suits their fishing charter needs.

Easy Payments

Roverd allows multiple options for payments, such as credit card or debit card. Not only that, but you can allow for your site to accept bookings in multiple currencies. Open up your website to customers worldwide by allowing for quick and easy payment by using our software for your business.
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Allow your customers the freedom to choose.
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Running a website and a business is hard, but you can give yourself every advantage by making your online management system as straightforward as possible. 

Keep track of each boat charter, all your staff members, and your equipment with just a few clicks. Schedule the demo to learn more about our offering and experience just how good Roverd's online software management can be.

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