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How Roverd's Sports Clinics and Camps Booking Software Can Help You

Running a sports camp or clinic requires multiple moving parts. You have to worry about marketing it to find the right sports clients, guaranteeing and managing secure payments, filling up classes, managing cancellations, and scheduling your staff. Don’t you have enough on your plate?

Ditch the overwhelm of handling all of these elements and merge all your activities into one streamlined booking software program with Roverd.
Our integrated booking software lets you take your sports clinics and camps to the next admin level. Whether you're training the next class of NBA hopefuls or teaching little tykes how to throw a touchdown, our all-in-one platform lets you handle all of the aspects of booking and scheduling with ease

Get the most out of our booking software with big benefits for your next sports clinic or camp. Avoid the loss of no-shows, cover your bases with integrated waivers, update schedules at any hour, and cut down on your paper trail, all with one dynamic system.
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No-Show Prevention

Avoid wasteful no-shows by including your policy clearly in the booking process. Our software also lets you send helpful reminders about upcoming clinics, prompt confirmations before booking, and make formal cancellations easy.


Contact sports like football, soccer, and basketball naturally carry a level of risk. Cover your bases and reduce liability by integrating safety and release wavers into the booking process. Having these documents ready to go before the events begin also helps you stay organized.

24/7 Scheduling

Allow your customers to make changes to their reservations or bookings at any time. Customers can access course information and update their booking at any time, whether you're on the clock or not.

QR Check-In

Stay paperless and minimize contact with digital QR code check-ins supported by Roverd. You'll reduce your waste and help customers keep their essential information all in one safe place.
Streamline your sports clinics and camps booking software
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Roverd's booking system is comprehensive, and we’ve made sure to include everything you may need on both the back-end and front-end of setting up and booking sports clinics and camps. Keep your sports training and game strategies complex and everything else simple with Roverd. Call us for your free software demo today.
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Our Sports Clinics and Camps Booking Software Features

Multi-Day Activity Scheduling

Sports camps and clinics can take multiple days—or even weeks—with various activities. Manage all of your classes and complex scheduling across multiple days and allow students to see the full schedule so they can book what appeals to them.

Tailored Classes

Want to offer a customized scheduling experience? Set it up how you want, with options to provide availability based on instructor or class size.

Integrated Cancellation Policy

Ensure all customers are fully aware of your cancellation policy before they make their reservations so you can minimize any lost funds. You can add reminders about your policy and ask for confirmation before accepting reservations so everyone knows how you handle cancellations.

Secure and Comprehensive Payment Options

Expand your business by accepting alternative payment options in addition to credit and debit cards. You can satisfy multiple banking and financial options, including Stripe, Paypal, iDeal, and more, so everyone who wants to participate has a way of paying to do so.

Streamlined Staff Scheduling

Ensure there's someone scheduled for every class and clinic with helpful scheduling features to ensure everyone is prepared when customers arrive.

Marketing for Clinics and Camps

Generate interest in your sports clinics and camps with helpful marketing tools built into our systems, such as promo codes, discount coupons, and even reseller integrations. Make your sales work for you, not the other way around.
Accept Payment for Sports Clinics and Camps Bookings
Allow your customers the freedom to choose.
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Spend less time working on your business and more time working in it with Roverd. Our comprehensive Roverd booking software system handles the administrative and scheduling tasks required to run a sports clinic so that you can focus on your athletes. Get in touch for a free demo of our product today.





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