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How Roverd's Snowmobiling Booking System Can Help You

Roverd takes your snowmobiling business to new heights with our user-friendly, automated online reservation software. With Roverd, you can tackle a wide range of tasks in one place. Manage tours, check staff availability, process payments, and much more, all in one easy-to-use platform.

You can also create discount codes and coupons your customers can apply during checkout.
Once a customer books through our system, all of their details will be viewable right on the dashboard.

Start using Roverd today and take bookings and scheduling off your plate. Contact our team now to learn how Roverd can help grow your snowmobiling tour business.
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24/7 Online Availability

With Roverd, customers can book an available slot 24/7 directly on your website. Having 24-hour reservation availability eliminates the need for your staff to handle registrations manually. Your business could be filling tours while you sleep.


Many companies struggle with managing waivers. If this is you, then the Roverd smart waiver integration feature is exactly what your company needs. You can attach your waivers into the registration system and send them to customers to sign and return to you before renting or using any of your equipment.

QR Check-In

Tired of being knee-deep in paper tickets? Roverd's QR check-in feature will reduce paper use and allow your customers to scan their tickets right on their smartphone. Once your customer scans their ticket, all the information is sent right to the Roverd database, so you can keep easy track of numbers.

Private Scheduling

Do you offer private sessions or special events? Roverd can help you set up private time slots so that you can cater to a wide range of clients without interfering with your regular bookings. You can edit your private appointments as you wish right on our platform.
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Streamline Your Snowmobiling Booking
Try software that makes booking a breeze
Give your customers more choices when arranging an epic snowmobiling adventure. Roverd will automate the entire scheduling process so you and your team can focus on other aspects of the business. Spend less time organizing your appointments and more time doing what you enjoy.

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Our Snowmobiling Booking Features

Group Pricing

Having an attractive group rate is an excellent way to gain new customers, and our software makes it incredibly easy. If you offer special discounts for groups, set up group pricing in the Roverd dashboard.


Roverd is more than just a seamless online booking management software. We are always helping our customers boost sales and make a bigger impact in their community. You can set up a reseller program to partner with local resellers and grow your business. Manage your commission structure and reseller partners right in our easy-to-use platform.

Staff Scheduling

Sometimes managing staff schedules can be tricky. The last thing you want is for one of your snowmobiling tours to be short on staff. With Roverd, you can manage all of your staff scheduling in one place, so there's never any confusion.

Cancellation Policy Integration

Having a clear cancellation policy creates better communication with your customers. Integrate your policy right into your booking management software, so customers can read and agree on the terms before scheduling a tour.

Easy Cancels & Refunds

Sometimes life happens and people need to cancel their tour. However, dealing with cancellations manually can quickly turn into a headache. With Roverd, you can easily cancel tours and provide refunds to those who can't make it.

Online Staff Management

Our staff management feature makes it incredibly simple to manage all of your important employee data. You can check a wide range of metrics to make sure your team is functioning to its full potential.
Accept Payment for Snowmobiling Reservations
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