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How Roverd's River Tubing Booking Software Can Help You

For the outdoorsy types who don't go in for thrills and for the comfort creatures who want a change of scenery, river tubing is an amazing way to connect with loved ones and experience nature to its fullest.

There are enough moving pieces that go into running a successful river tubing rental business to keep a full staff busy seven days a week.
Whether it's tracking inventory, managing cancellations, or providing round-the-clock customer support, Roverd's Online Booking Management Software has you covered.

Streamline payment, reservations, promotion, and scheduling into one customizable, easy-to-use interface. Don't let the business of running a business distract you from what it's all about--the people. Reconnect with your customers by taking your time back and booking with Roverd today.
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24/7 Online availability - Even when you're tubing with your customers

Roverd is on hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to guide customers through the reservation process. Customers don't have to worry about calling in during business hours when booking with Roverd, and you can expect constant support while learning to navigate the system.


Prompt your customers with customizable age waivers and online liability forms before check out. Ensure that each member of a group reservation is river ready before they suit up.

QR Check in

Simplify check in by doing away with easy to lose, and not at all water-friendly paper tickets. With booking confirmation, Roverd's software automates the dispatch of QR tickets, making check in as easy as opening an app.

Private Scheduling

Decide for yourself which activities, shuttles, and rentals can be privately scheduled, and change your mind at any time. Through Roverd's easy-to-navigate interface, you can build up private booking based on the rise and fall of customer flow.
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Streamline your River Tubing Booking System
Try software that makes booking a breeze
Roverd's cloud-based, automated booking software has zero subscription fees and is a breeze to install. Save time and money by combining scheduling, booking, payment, and customer service all in one place, and empower your customers by making ordering a breeze.

Get in contact with the team of experts at Roverd today to talk shop, lets us know your business's unique needs, and get a demo.
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Our River Tubing Booking Software Features

Group Pricing

Customize pricing when customers book group reservations. Send out group booking reminders as far as two weeks out from the reservation.


Roverd's software gives you the full ability to work with your resellers, not against them. Partner with resellers to avoid cancellations, recoup costs, and make sure each calendar day is booked. Set a commission rate and decide what they're allowed to resell and promote.

Staff Scheduling

Scheduling is no longer an all-day event. Give your staff the ability to swap shifts, set the availability, and post requests for vacation and leave. Roverd's automated system updates to reflect changes instantaneously, across all platforms

Cancellation Policy Integration

Set firm cancellation policies and advertise them clearly on your website. Integrate your old policies around cancellations, refunds, and waiver mishaps easily from the old system to Roverd's cloud-based online software.

Easy Cancel & Free Refunding

The refund process doesn't have to cost you time or money. Our Smart Cancel management software allows customers to reschedule, cancel, and rebook as easily as they checked out.

Automated Cancellation when Weather is Poor

When you're outdoors-based, you're consigned to the whims of nature. No one wants to tube around for hours in the rain, and Roverd lets you manage mass cancellations with ease.
Accept Payment for River Tubing Bookings
Allow your customers the freedom to choose.
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Say goodbye to the endless phone calls, the meetings that could have been emails, the follow-up emails that got lost in the rising tide of your unmanageable inbox. 

Roverd's online booking management software makes river tubing fun again by simplifying all the unnecessary procedural baggage. Manage reservations, tube and gear rentals, shuttle pickups and drop-offs, and more before you even set foot on river grounds. 

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