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How Roverd's Paddle Board Schools Booking System Can Help You

Managing bookings and scheduling manually is a drag. But what if you could track all aspects of your paddle board school’s bookings through a user-friendly, intuitively designed system? At Roverd, we handle the nitty-gritty details, so you can focus on growing your business and scoring excellent reviews.

From keeping track of how many paddle boards you have available to ensuring staff isn’t double-booked for lessons, Roverd has you covered.
Our software seamlessly organises payment processing, scheduling, and more. You can even set up discount codes to keep your customer base coming back for more!

Streamline your website and lessen your workload. When you choose Roverd for your paddle board school, you can focus your energy on the love of the activity instead of the painstaking frustrations of scheduling. Plus, we accept a large variety of payment methods for utmost customer satisfaction. Let our friendly staff show you how it works. Get in touch for a free demo today!
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24/7 Online Availability

With Roverd, customers can access your website booking engine any time of the day! This means more business coming your way, even when you close up shop for the night. Let people schedule at their convenience with 24/7 access with Roverd's software.

Waivers Made Simple

Before customers come in for lessons, you’ll want to have them sign waivers. This protects your business and creates transparency and trust with your customer base. With the Roverd software, you can automatically send out waivers for folks to sign as part of the appointment process.

QR Check-In

QR software allows customers to check-in for lessons and activities, 100% contactless and hassle-free. Roverd’s QR features can link a specific customer to their payment info, waiver, and other important details in seconds. Save paper and time with QR Check-In capabilities and let us simplify the check-in process.

Private Scheduling

Personalized and detailed scheduling right on your website has never been easier. Our online booking software allows you to set specific scheduling parameters—like cut-off times and custom pricing—and gives your customers the power to schedule for their precise needs.
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Streamline your Paddle Board Schools Booking System
Try software that makes online booking a breeze
When you run your own business, time is precious! Roverd has you covered with automated booking engine technology that can do the hard work for you and free up your schedule. Shift your focus back to the things that really matter— happy customers, incredible lessons, and growing your business. Reach out today.
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Our Paddle Board Schools Booking System Features

Group Pricing

Offer group rates or discounts for large parties? We’ve got you covered. Roverd makes it easy to set group pricing and accepts a variety of payment types for ultimate convenience.


Do you work with resellers? We can help streamline reselling processes to ensure your business doesn’t get the short end of the stick. Roverd can give resellers access to your availability, plus set customized payout types and commission rates.

Staff Scheduling

Not only do our features include intuitive booking and payment services, but we can also manage staff scheduling. Make sure you are not overscheduling your employees, and let us ease your workload on the back end.

Easy Rescheduling

Life happens, and plans change. Whether rescheduling is needed on your end or your customer’s, we make it as easy as the click of a button without negatively affecting incoming payments.

Cancellation Policy Integration

Cancellations can hurt businesses. With policy integration, we can make sure customers know what to expect and cut down your workload when cancellations occur. If sessions are unconfirmed or canceled, we’ll let you know so you can keep payments coming in.

Website Development

Don’t already have a website up and running? No sweat! At Roverd, we’ll work with your business to build a custom site that works for your specific needs.
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Online booking software can simplify your business operations and give you the freedom to focus on your customers. Get back to what really matters and let us worry about the rest. Contact Roverd today for a demo!

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