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How Roverd’s Music School Booking Software Can Help You

Roverd’s streamlined reservation system will be music to your ears!
Orchestrate your bookings simply and efficiently and grow your customer base without extra effort.

Our platform presents information about current bookings on an easy-to-read interface, optimized for one glance analysis. You’ll see everything you need to know about enrollment, cancellations, marketing, and more.

Our booking software makes data analysis easy to understand and even easier for your customers to sign up for your classes.
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Revolutionize your business with Roverd! It’s the perfect instrument to offer your customers a premier service and optimize your music school efficiency with advanced features and data analysis.

Bring your music school into the twenty-first century with Roverd.
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Booking Management Made Easy, 24/7

Get rid of endless hours of email replies saying the same things over and over and let your customers manage all their bookings themselves. The online booking suite is intuitive and easy to use and will cut email and phone traffic by more than half.

Priceless Security

Get secure payment that you can’t put a price on with Roverd. Our comprehensive and secure payment options include all debit and credit cards plus PayPal and international currency options for overseas customers.

Marketing at Your Fingertips

Roverd’s advanced features offer a layer of discounts, e-gift cards, and promotions to provide a diverse and varied approach to boosting business. Plus, our slick data management gives quick access to figures, making monitoring uptake easy.

Managing Waivers and Disclaimers

Nail down all the paperwork as part of the booking process to save time on the day. Roverd’s system makes light work of sorting the admin and means you won’t miss anything essential.
Streamline your Music School bookings
Try software that makes booking a breeze
Manage more bookings for your music school with a simple, fully integrated program that your customers will love and makes a real statement about the quality of your business. It’s the most efficient way to reorganize staff time and employees for maximum benefit. Let the office take care of itself while you get on with the real business— making music!
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Music School Booking Software Features

Seamless Integrated Reviews

Roverd’s automatic contact feature lets you capture great customer reviews. At the touch of a button, the system will reach out to each booking and ask them to review their experience.

Authentic reviews are your best form of advertising, and less than positive feedback is a tool for change and improvement to strengthen your offering

Automatic Notifications

The system will automatically remind each customer before their booking, reducing no-shows. Plus, you can set up canceled bookings to refer automatically back to the system so that online availability is always current and up to date.

Simple Cancellations & Refunds

Refunds and canceled fees process automatically 24/7, and customers receive reimbursements directly to their payment card with no need for time-consuming manual processing.

Staff Rotas

Check staff scheduling at a glance with easy updating of staff rotas. Employees can access their schedule, and any changes are flagged automatically without the need to contact them individually.

Customized Pricing

It’s easy to adjust pricing with Roverd’s software. Customize rates with special offers, group discounts, and early-bird reductions. See our quick demo and find out for yourself just how easy it is to manage.

Brand Identity

Customize Roverd’s widget with your school colors and logo so that your booking system slides easily into your brand profile. Roverd can provide a whole new reservations package or just be a simple add-on to what you already have.
Accept Payment for Music School Bookings
Allow your customers the freedom to choose.
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With Roverd, you can revamp your current booking system or make a fresh start. Our comprehensive software package hits the high notes with a quality reservation suite that showcases your business, impresses all your customers, and allows you to focus on the other more important things.

Tune your business to a higher key of success and sign up to Roverd today. Fill in this quick online form or ping an email to sales@roverd.coim, or call us at +1 (954) 607-7628.


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