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How Roverd's Horseback Riding Booking Software Can Help You

If you're trying to grow your horseback riding lessons business but find yourself spending too much time managing appointments, you've come to the right place.

Roverd's is a cloud-based reservation software designed to help sell more lessons for your horseback riding business. Spend less time focusing on admin and more time doing what matters.
Our software allows your customers to schedule time slots for lessons directly on your website. They choose a time and day that suits them, and all you need to do is facilitate the orders. We provide detailed reports on all your upcoming lessons, so your team knows exactly what to do when the time comes.

Let us handle the bookings, data management, and payment processing, so you can spend more time working with your customers.
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24/7 Scheduling

Never miss an opportunity with our 24/7 scheduling software. Students can book horseback riding lessons with your company at all times when you partner with Roverd. If they can't make their lesson, they can choose another slot directly on our booking system.

Reduce No-Shows

No-shows can cost your business a significant amount of money since another customer could have used that lesson. Our software will send notifications and reminders to remind students of their upcoming lessons. You can also implement your cancellation policies directly into the booking platform.

Offer Private Bookings

When it comes to horseback riding, some students may need a little extra attention. You can offer private one-on-one bookings for students with Roverd. This feature will ensure no other students can book for that specific time slot.

Simplify Rescheduling

Our user-friendly notification software makes rescheduling lessons a breeze. With an easy way to reschedule appointments, you can ensure students never miss a lesson.
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Streamline your Horseback Riding Booking System
Try software that makes booking a breeze
Running a horseback riding business is hard work. It can be easy to get lost in all the tedious admin work, and that's where we're here to help. With Roverd, we manage all of your booking and online payment needs so you can spend more time delivering outstanding lessons for your customers. Please reach out to our friendly staff today if you have any questions about our software.
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Our Horseback Riding Booking Software Features

Promote Your Services

If you're having trouble filling up your lessons, Roverd can provide you with easy-to-use and effective digital marketing tools. We can partner you with resellers and promote your horseback riding lessons throughout your local community with our help.

Manage No-Shows

Having your cancellation policies in plain English during the signup process will help vet out people who aren't serious. As a result, you can expect fewer no-shows and more eager students.

Offer Multi-Day Activities

If you're offering courses that span multiple days, Roverd can help streamline your multi-day booking management. Students can easily choose however many lessons they want to book in advance, and all of our other features will follow suit.

Advanced Class Scheduling

With our booking management system, you're the boss. You can customize appointments as you wish. You can edit your teachers, class duration, etc.

Accept Multiple Payment Options

Every customer has their own preferred payment method. Never miss a potential customer because you don't accept theirs. Roverd ensures that you accept all major online payment methods so that you can expand your customer base.

Offer Group Discounts

If people want to buy horse riding lessons in a group, you can let them. Set up special group rates and use our booking software to manage all of your group classes.
Accept Payment for Horseback Riding Bookings
Allow your customers the freedom to choose.
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Increase your online booking rate and sell more lessons with our cutting-edge reservation management software. Contact our team today and schedule a demo. One of our reps can walk you through exactly how our software can benefit your horse riding business. 

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