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How Roverd's Eco Tours Booking System Can Help You

Get more participants for your eco tour business with an easy-to-use, integrated and customer-friendly online booking system from Roverd.

Rather than managing multiple moving parts, keep everything important to running your operation in one place, so you can ensure staff availability, accept reservations, avoid cancellations, and boost your revenue all through one simple and straightforward dashboard.

Say goodbye to the problems of the past, like overbooked tours, overwhelmed staff, and a clunky manual reservation system. Upgrading to Roverd's eco tours online booking system takes the headache out of your operations and makes every aspect of running your business as easy as it should be.

Not sure if you're the right fit for Roverd eco tours online booking software? Learn more about what our booking system has to offer below, and get in touch with our team to book a demo!

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Automated Bookings Around the Clock

Don't rely on manual reservations; take new bookings 24/7 with a user-friendly automated booking tool, no need for your staff to get involved.

Advanced Marketing At Your Fingertips

Make the most of your customer engagement with integrated marketing tools like discount codes, gift cards, and more, all within one reliable system

Take Online Payments

Give your patrons the choice of payment with the option to book their eco tour online. Our program allows you to accept payments via PayPal, Stripe, Visa, Mastercard, IDEAL, and more, so you can process affordable payments however you prefer.

Get Waivers Signed Ahead of Time

Keep your customers safe and secure and avoid the stress of day-of paperwork by integrating waivers into the booking process so customers can read and sign ahead of time, all before they arrive for their tour.
Streamline Your Eco Tours Booking System
Try software that makes booking a breeze
Put the power back in your customers' hands, and let them book, sign, and pay all from the comfort of their phone or computer. Roverd booking system makes it simple to book a tour at any time, so you can spend more time hosting customers and less time on admin work.

Reach out for a demo and discover what Roverd has to offer.

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Our Eco Tours Booking System Features

Our Eco Tours Booking System Features

Have questions for your customers, or need information from them to create the best experience possible? Customize your fields in your bookings so you can get as much info as you need. Get to know them better and provide more tailored experiences every time.

Custom Branded

Stay on brand by adding your company colors and logo to the booking tool, so it all feels seamless – and very “you.”

Avoid Cancellations

Avoid customer cancellations with automated notifications and reminders, helping them remember they have an upcoming booking, so you can minimize last-minute open slots and watch your bottom line.

Abandoned Cart Reminders

Don't let an almost-booking escape. If a customer adds a tour to their cart but abandons it before they book, Roverd’s software can offer a friendly reminder to ensure they complete their request on time.

Review Prompts

Boost your online reputation with more positive reviews from happy customers. Our program can nudge your customers to leave a review with auto-notifications following their tour.

Choose Your Pricing

Set custom prices based on things like the number of bookings, party size, and so much more to ensure you're charging the optimal amount every time. Roverd advanced settings make custom pricing a breeze.
Accept Payment for Eco-Tours Bookings
Allow your customers the freedom to choose their tour and their payment options when they book through Roverd.
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Use Roverd's payment solution by Stripe or connect your own payment processor

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