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How Roverd's Cooking Classes Booking System Can Help You

Too many cooks in the kitchen? Use Roverd and never spoil the broth again.  
Our booking system is here to streamline your online cooking class reservations!

With a single, easy-to-read dashboard, you can keep track of everything in one convenient place. Find staff availability next to your reservations next to your space rentals.

No more navigating sprawling spreadsheet after spreadsheet, or worse — unreliable paper ledgers!

Online booking is the modern, simple way to fill your classes without hassle or frustration.

Want to learn more? Get in touch with an expert at Roverd, and we'll walk you through every step of the process.

By the end of the demonstration, you'll be asking yourself why you ever went so long without using Roverd!

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24/7 Online Availability

Forget about answering emails, let alone picking up the phone. Your customers can complete all reservations at their convenience. Hate coming into the office with a blinking phone and dinging inbox? Roverd has you covered.

Online Payments

While your customer books online, they can also complete the payment without speaking to you or your staff. With options for credit card information and PayPal accounts, everyone is welcome. Use the multi-currency option and expand your opportunities internationally!

Marketing tools

Where better to offer discounts and deals than right on your website! Integrated marketing means you can track your campaigns and see the results in real-time. You can even use Roverd's platform to sell e-gift cards.

Waiver Management

Anything can happen in the kitchen — your customers use knives and fire! Protect your company with liability waivers. Have every student sign a waiver online before they show up for the class.
Streamline your Cooking Classes Booking System
Try software that makes booking a breeze
Put your customers in charge. Roverd makes it effortless for your hungry chefs-in-training to schedule a slot that works best for them. Don't waste your time manually booking each reservation — automation is the way of the future. Let yourself enjoy the freedom.

Focus on the cooking, and Roverd can handle the booking!

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Our Cooking Classes Booking System Features

Integrated Reviews

Roverd can send a review request to each student at the end of each class. Find out what worked and what you can improve. Roverd collects all reviews, so you can swiftly analyze the data trends!

Automatic Notifications

Don't bother calling up each customer to confirm their booking — Roverd’s automated notification feature sends out reminders before each class. It reduces no-shows and gives you time to fill any empty slots. It's like your very own personal assistant!

Easy Cancellations & Refunds

Your customer can cancel without calling, and you can charge a no-show fee without tracking down their card information. Plus, if you need to reimburse a customer, you already have their card on file!

Staff Scheduling

Avoid overstaffing or understaffing through Roverd's scheduling feature. See the week or month in one place and rearrange your people as needed. Your chefs can even use the portal to monitor their schedules without the need for weekly scheduling emails and updates.

Custom Pricing

Set group prices or off-peak pricing as needed. If every class is a different price, no problem — just adjust it on the dashboard. Discover Roverd's advanced options for pricing in a demo!

Stay True to the Brand

Your booking application is still a part of your company! That's why Roverd lets you add your logo and colors to our widget. Brand consistency is vital in a successful business. Roverd blends seamlessly into your website.
Accept Payment for Cooking Classes Bookings
Allow your customers the freedom to choose.
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You deserve an online reservation system that makes your business uncomplicated! Spend your time thinking about recipes and ingredients, not byzantine booking programs.


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