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How Roverd’s Aerial Adventure Parks Booking System Can Help You

A slick and efficient reservation service is one of the essential features of your customer interface. Roverd supplies an online booking system that delivers a professional experience and can be customized for your aerial adventure park operation.

Fast, mobile-friendly, and simple to use for the customer, Roverd’s system is a breeze for the operator. Tech features are hidden, and there is a simple one-screen view. Plus, Roverd’s quality customer service team is there when you have questions.

As well as delivering supreme front-of-house service for your customers, Roverd’s reservation system is designed to optimize your business. Simple to view with features such as analytics to help you see how the company is performing, data is easy to gather and simple to understand.

Roverd’s reservation system focuses on the user experience for both the business and the customer, streamlining the booking process so you can just get on with your day.

Roverd’s comprehensive functionality and automation mean you can manage all your aerial adventure park bookings in one easy system.
A single user-friendly dashboard provides a simple overview with specific data on availability, reservations, revenue, and detailed analytics all from the same system.
Roverd’s is easy to install on any website either as a standalone reservations package or to optimize an existing booking system.

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Easy online bookings

An intuitively easy-to-use system means customers can book with up-to-date availability at any time without the need to speak to a staff member.

Secure online payments

Customers have a wide variety of secure options, including card payments and different currencies.

Marketing tools

Seamless integration offers valuable extras like gift cards which are easy to redeem at the point of sale.
Limited edition discount codes can be integrated for promotions and special events.

Simple analytics tracking

Tracking software makes light work of gathering crucial data without hours of work. There are detailed options to provide a more in-depth understanding of various aspects of your business.
Streamline your Aerial Adventure Parks Booking System
Try software that makes booking a breeze
Roverd’s automated system offers your customers a smooth and intuitive booking experience, saving time for them and money for you with a lower dropout rate and more consistent customer retention. Let Roverd automate your reservation system. Make online booking simple, saving you time searching for availability and allowing you to concentrate on the core of your business.
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Our Aerial Adventure Parks Booking System Features

Customer retention and loyalty

Customers who abandon bookings mid-way through will receive an auto prompt to resume. There is also a facility to contact previous customers with offers and discounts.

Customer information

Save time and gather essential customer data at the point of booking, including special requests and critical information that helps you know your customers better and optimize and personalize their experience.

Flexible pricing

Automatically adjust pricing based on group size or other features tailored to your business. Roverd offers easy customization as part of the program’s advanced settings.

Automatic customer reminders

Automatic customer notifications help to minimize ‘no shows’ and forgotten bookings supporting your business revenue.

Easy automated reviews

Set up auto-notifications to ask your customers for a review on their visit.

Promote brand

Roverd’s system allows for branding and personalization. Your business logo and company colors are integrated seamlessly with your website.
Accept Payment for Aerial Adventure Park Bookings
Allow your customers the freedom to choose.
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Automation makes life easier for you and your customers, promoting quality service and freeing up your time to concentrate on other vital areas of your business. 

Roverd’s reservation system is intuitive for the user.  Business optimization and can improve a current booking package or shine as a standalone. 

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